Da Vinci’s Demons Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Lorenzo Negotiates with Leonardo

da vinci's demonsWhile Lucrezia may not have had much choice in killing Giuliano, as he was going to apprehend her and take her to Florence to be tortured by Lorenzo, the act has nonetheless left her in a vulnerable position. No longer a use to Count Riario and the papacy after developing feelings for Leonardo (and seeing just what Sixtus is capable of), Lucrezia now has to hope that someone will negotiate on her behalf and save her from what is sure to be a violent death at the hands of her lover. On the season finale of Da Vinci’s Demons, she gets just that, but will her savior keep her from going on the rack and facing public humiliation?

Leonardo has stepped in on her behalf to try and talk Lorenzo into turning her over to him. He knows what Lorenzo is capable of and what will happen to Lucrezia if she’s left with the Medicis, so while he may still be reeling from her lies and the revelation of her spying, he wants to keep her alive to find out more information. There’s no great option for Lucrezia at the moment, not when the Florentine elite know of her activities, and while she claims not to love Leonardo, he’s far and away her best bet for safety. If Lorenzo gives her over to him, she might be able to escape Florence with her life; she’ll likely have to live in fear of one of Lorenzo’s associates coming after her, but at this point, she’ll take a life of slight paranoia and solitude over one that ends with pain, punishment, and humiliation.

Elsewhere on Da Vinci’s Demons, the Pazzi plot to assassinate Lorenzo on Easter Sunday is set into motion, while the Turk reveals the location of the Book of Leaves to Leonardo and Count Riario makes threats against Urbino, hoping to scare him away from associating with Lorenzo.

The season finale of Da Vinci’s Demons airs Friday at 9:00 on Starz. The show has already been renewed for a second season, which is set to premiere in early 2014.

What do you think will happen during the Da Vinci’s Demons finale? Will Leonardo be able to save Lucrezia from a horrible death? Is the Turk going to be truthful about the location of the Book of Leaves?





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