Dallas: The More Things Change at Southfork, The More They Stay The Same

Last week Dallas returned with a bang, huge ratings, and an even higher anticipation for this week’s episode, which didn’t hold back on taking the Texas sized drama to a new level. The more things change for the show, the more the drama and backstabbing says the same, especially when it comes to the Ewings vs. Barnes family war.

The Return of Cliff Barnes and Christopher’s Quest to Strike Alternative Oil

One more blast from the past returned to Dallas last night as Cliff Barnes showed up long enough to ruffle the feathers of his nemesis J.R. Ewing and his nephew Christopher. With the fresh blood being spilled from all the latest backstabbings going on at Southfork, it makes sense for Cliff try to take advantage of the situation. After all these years, Cliff is still bitter over everything Jock Ewing took from his father Digger Barnes and he will not stop until he has every asset the Ewings own, including Southfork and Christopher’s new alternative energy project. Luckily, Christopher saw clear through Cliff’s attempts to help fund the project, but is it me, or does anyone else wonder how Cliff came to know all that information? Surely, Bobby didn’t spill all the beans to Cliff and the news media only know so much. Could there be a spy in the midst? (More on that later.)

Team J.R. Unite!

I’m sorry, but that opening scene with J.R. and John Ross was everything. I don’t know what shocked me the most: the fact that J.R. took a blade to his own son’s throat or that John Ross had the balls to basically say, “Hell yea, I tried to swindle your ass, old man. Now what?!” One could even say that they were shocked that J.R. was able to put that indiscretion aside to resume scheming with his offspring, who continued to prove tonight that he is most definitely a chip off his old man’s block. But there is still the problem of Mitch Lobbel, who has skeletons of his own for Team J.R. expose. Will the father and son duo find some dirt on the guy or will John Ross have to take matters into his own hands?

Finally, it seems that the fake Marta Del Sol is not a stable woman. Pill popping is unbecoming of a so-called successful business woman. Just saying…

Rebecca Sutter, Liar Extraordinaire.

Just when it looked as if Tommy was increasingly looking like the one who sent Elena that infamous breakup email, John Ross’s detective dug up a different culprit: Rebecca, with her scandalous ass.

If Rebecca threw the wrench into the machine known as Christopher and Elena (who work very well together in more ways than one might I add), then she and her ‘brother’ Tommy have a serious backbone of a plan up their sleeve. The only set back now are Rebecca’s feelings toward Christopher, which Tommy tried to rectify with a pic of Elena kissing Christopher after learning of Bobby’s cancer. But Christopher somewhat came clean to Rebecca about what happened before Rebecca could question him about the picture. However, the question of whether she implanted that bug on Christopher’s computer is still up in the air.

So who exactly are Tommy and Rebecca working for? My money is on Cliff Barnes, because he knew way too much info about what was going down with the family that I doubt a Ewing would just freely pass on. Both J.R. and Cliff had other kids than the ones at play now. Who’s to say that Rebecca and Tommy (if they are even related) aren’t a part of the Barnes clan?

Finally, as soon as Bobby signed his ‘T’s’ and dotted his ‘I’s’ on selling Southfork, all the Ewings are returning home again, which only sets the stage for more craziness to go down under one roof. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Ewings remained at Southfork at the end of the season just like they were back in the day. However with Cliff sniffing around the ranch for an opportunity to attack, let’s just hope that the Ewings find time to band together to stop the man in his tracks.

What did you think about last night’s episode of Dallas?

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