Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Week 2 Results: Voters Say Arrivederci to Elisabetta

The Dancing with the Stars leaderboard surprised us last night, but now with the votes added, there was quite the shake up. Elisabetta Canalis, with a great score of 21, was sent home. See video of the elimination below. How did this happen? Let’s break it down.

In the bottom three by scoring on Monday night were Carson Kressley, David Arquette and Chaz Bono. Oh no! Two of the most enjoyable performers landed in the bottom. And how did the fans react? They moved all three to safety, but not without DWTS first placing David, Chaz and Elisabetta ‘in jeopardy.’Once Chaz was saved, host Tom Beregon, in a surprise twist, actually declared David and Elisabetta ‘the bottom two’, with Elisabetta being sent home.

Elisabetta ranked high on the leaderboard with her 21, but because of the lack of votes, she nosedived. And it wasn’t because fans thought she would be safe with her score and therefore didn’t vote, as sometimes happens. It was because she clearly lacked a fan base. Being an Italian model/actress is great, in Italy, but doesn’t really do much to garner votes here. Not even dating George Clooney helped. It’s not uncommon for the season’s token “who?” cast member to be sent home early. But, since David was also in the bottom two, this is a message to him that he needs voting fans, and badly. He had enough to trump Elisabetta’s score, but if she had any popularity at all, he could have easily been the one sent home. His actual dancing could also use some work, or he will be in big trouble next week. Chaz was at the bottom of the leaderboard with a 17, but because of his fan base, catapulted above David’s 18 and Elisabetta’s 21. The fans have the power, without question.

The night’s highlights included a show opening pro dance by 9 male pro dancers, and returning pros Dmitri Chaplin and Chelsie Hightower were paired up for a dance during The Script’s musical performance. The Macy’s Stars of Dance segment did not disappoint, but I’m still scratching my head over the dance that accompanied Demi Lovato’s performance. Steel stairs and bleachers with dancers running up and down as Demi sang her hit ‘Skyscraper,’and it was all very busy and distracting. Some of the cast took us backstage for a look at the DWTS ‘training crib.’Carson showed us the costume room and found the gorilla mask Bristol Palin wore on Season 11. ‘Smells like a tea party’he said as he yanked it off his head. David showed us his miniature golf set up on the roof where he shot some plastic balls at the paparazzi in the parking lot. Derek Hough showed us the dent in the studio floor where Kym Johnson fell and hurt her neck..uggh, we could have done without the reminder and the accompanying footage of the accident. Still, it was a treat to see where the stars and pros live breathe and sleep dance all week.

Do you agree with the elimination? Leave your comments below. On to week 3 of Dancing with the Stars, which Tom tells us will be an emotional story night. Catch the next performance show on Monday, October 3 at 8 p.m. (ET) on ABC.

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