Dancing With the Stars Elimination – Dancing’s First Couple Hits the Higway

Dancing with the StarsWhile we had predicted that Ty would be leaving Dancing With the Stars, it turned out being the real-life couple of Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough that received the fewest votes from viewers. The elimination comes as a bit of a surprise since Chuck has steadily improved throughout his tenure on Dancing With the Stars, and the genuine magnetism between Wicks and Hough was fun to watch.

On other Dancing With the Stars hot topics, Melissa Rycroft – who survived on the strength of a rehearsal tape – is optomistic she will be returning to the competition next week after sufferring a rib injury. Wicks brushed off the notion that Rycroft being spared was somehow unfair since she didn’t actually compete, telling the Associated Press “It shows you how many fans Melissa has, I think the team dance did us in.”

The remaining Dancing With the Stars contenders include Rycroft, Rapper Lil Kim, rodeo champ Ty Murray, Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and actor Gilles Marini. Lil Kim and Gilles Marini are currently considered the favorites, but Rycroft’s fame amongst reality fans shouldn’t be discounted since, in the end, this is a “Viewer’s Choice” game and the most talented often wind up with the short end of the stick.

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