Daniel Dae Kim Doing a “First Rule Of Ten” TV Series

Daniel Dae Kim’s new series First Rule of Ten will be something fairly different it sounds like. The series is being adapted from a book of the same name and will be following the life of a young Buddhist monk as he makes his way to Los Angeles after struggling for years with his life in the Tibetan monastery. Upon reaching LA however he has to find a way to make peace between the teachings he’s been given and the lifestyle that is demanded of anyone living in the big city. The story itself seems like something that’s been played out more times than many people wish to count but it could prove somewhat interesting.

It gets even more so when you hear the part of how he’s going to become embroiled in a criminal investigation. Something like this seems like it would really test a monk’s last nerve. One thing people have to remember about monk’s however is that they are human and are not infallible when it comes to dealing with humanity. Hollywood has given rise to such a legend about Buddhist monks that they have seemingly become these monastic individuals that are given over to being the most patient people in the world that cannot be rattled and are somehow experts at the meaning of life. While some among them might very well be enlightened to the point of being otherworldly in their patience and ways, they are still human. The least enlightened among them are far more like any average person you might pick off the street, undisciplined and still in need of a great deal of teaching.

Also, the life of a monk is not for everyone. It’s a slightly harder life to lead thanks to the doctrines, especially if you’re going to follow them to the letter and do whatever must be done to become a devout and astute member of whatever temple you worship at. I don’t know all that much about Buddhism but I do know that it is considered to be one of the top religions in the world for a reason. It is a far more peaceful and mindful practice that a lot of people can’t follow as they adhere more to the bustling, busy life of the modern era that demands far more of their attention than they can give over to contemplation and the harmony that exists between them and the world. Plus, we all find this in our own way.

This series might be something fun to watch though as the monk will take on the challenge of attempting to solve a crime while still sticking to the precepts of his faith as much as possible it sounds like. Placing a Buddhist monk in a situation where they might have to compromise their principles once or twice, or even more, seems like something that might interest a lot of people. It might be the chance to see a fictional character humbled or it might be the chance to see them rise to new heights. In any case it should be something that people will want to see.

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