10 Things You Didn’t Know about Danielle Moné Truitt

The journey to a successful acting career isn’t an easy one, and this is something Danielle Mone Truitt knows all too well. Despite the ups and downs that come with the profession, however, Danielle always refused to give up – and now her hard work and dedication are finally paying off. In 2017, Danielle got her first major break when she was cast as as the title character in the TV series Rebel. The show was short lived, Danielle got another huge opportunity when she was cast as Charlie Minnick in the series Deputy. Recently, she also made an appearance on the popular medical drama, Chicago Med. Even though Danielle has been in the industry for a decade and a half, in a lot of ways she’s just getting started and her future is looking very bright. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Danielle Mone Truitt.

1. She Originally Wanted To Be A Lawyer

Danielle always saw herself working in the entertainment industry, but being an actress wasn’t always at the top of her priority list. Instead, she planned on becoming an entertainment lawyer. Eventually, however, the desire to express herself creatively made her change paths.

2. She Studied Theater Arts

Danielle was born and raised in Sacramento and decided to stay in the area for college. She enrolled at Sacramento State University and was originally planning on earning a degree in psychology. Once she discovered her love for acting, she changed her major to theater arts.

3. She Is Not Shy About Her Politics

Politics have always been a sensitive subject, but that’s become even truer during the 2020 presidential election. Danielle, however, isn’t afraid to make her political views known. She has openly shown her support for president elect Joe Biden and vice president elect Kamala Harris.

4. She Loves Giving Back To The Community

Danielle has always been passionate about giving back to those around her, and she her used her platform to do just that. She created an event called #MoreThanAHashtag in which explored issues surrounding police brutality and injustice in the legal system.

5. She Is A Singer

Referring to Danielle as only an actress simply doesn’t do her justice. She is a creative to her core and she also enjoys singing and dancing. In fact, Danielle has been singing she was in elementary school and music was her first introduction to the entertainment world.

6. She Wants To Get Into Producing And Directing

Being in front of the camera isn’t the only thing Danielle is passionate about. At some point, she hopes to also venture behind the scenes and get involved in producing and directing. If her dedication to being behind the camera is as strong as her dedication to acting there’s no doubt that she’ll be successful.

7. She Is A Wife And Mother

On top of all of the hard work that Danielle has put into her career, she’s also put in lots of work at home. She has been married for several years and she has two young sons. When Danielle isn’t working, she likes to spend as much time as she can with her family.

8. She Voiced A Character In The Princess And The Frog

Danielle’s live action work is what she has become most widely known for, but she’s also a talented voice actress. She voiced Georgia in the 2009 animated film The Princess and The Frog. She also reprised her voice role for the video game which was released the same year.

9. She Likes To Stay Active

Her schedule may be busy, but staying active is something that Danielle does her best to make time for. Whether it be a traditional workout at the gym or an at home workout with her sons, Danielle does what she can to make sure she looks and feels her best.

10. She Hopes To Leave A Lasting Legacy

Entertainment is a big part of acting, but it’s not always the most important thing. While Danielle always hopes to keep her viewers entertained, she also wants to use her talent to help inspire and uplift others. In an interview with Made at Sac State, she said, “When I’m on my death bed, I’m not going to be thinking about the fact that I played Rebecca Knight on Rebel on BET, or whether I won an award for my work or whether I had a million followers on my Instagram…I’m going to be thinking about my family. I’m going to be thinking about my legacy and the impact I made on people’s lives.”

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