Danny Elfman Seems to Think the Simpsons is Ending Despite Renewal

At this point it’s hard to know what Danny Elfman is thinking since the idea that The Simpsons could be ending is kind of offset by the fact that it was renewed for a 31st and 32nd season already, meaning that the writers, producers, and everyone else involved are pretty convinced that it’s going to keep moving forward. It might be the idea of some folks that it kind of needs to come to a head eventually since after three decades the family should be showing some signs of aging. But people have let this pass for so long that it’s easy to think that they’re not going to be calling it out now after thirty years of holidays with one of their favorite families and tons of laughs that have insanely entertaining. Why Elfman would think that it’s all coming to a head is kind of hard to figure, but everyone has their own opinion as Mike Jones of Screenrant has made clear. Here’s Danny’s opinion on the matter:

“Well, from what I’ve heard, it is coming to an end. So, that argument will also come to an end. […] I don’t know for a fact, but I’ve heard that it will be in its last year.”

Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb has made certain to include that this idea has been debunked since Elfman’s words had a lot of fans worried that 2020 would be drawing the curtain on the long-running show and might be spelling the end of an era. We’ve had a few of those in the recent past and this is one that fans don’t seem anywhere near ready for since The Simpsons have been running longer than some folks have been alive at this point and to be quite honest it might send shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry and would leave many fans needing a blanket and a safe space to cry in. But of course for those of us that aren’t affected by the cancellation of a show or the well-deserved finale it would be a time to get on with life and remember the show for what it was and enjoy the fact that we can always watch reruns. One thing that anyone should gauge carefully when talking to a Simpsons fan is whether or not the show SHOULD actually end, as some people might not understand the idea and short-circuit on the spot.

Seriously, the show does need to have an ending at one point or another since for 30 seasons now it’s been highly entertaining and a very impressive program given that it seems to never run out of material as it takes from the current social climate and continues to adapt as needed. But all things that have a beginning eventually have an end, and ending before it becomes stale is a desire of any show since pushing it too far tends to ruin what people love about it and only hastens the inevitable ruination of a show that people once cared about. Many shows have done this in the past, and there’s a reason why we don’t remember some of them, largely because even after a culmination they kept going and eventually ruined the story with too much extra material that the audience didn’t care about and couldn’t get behind. So far the Simpsons haven’t had this problem, but it does seem as though it would be better to be safe than sorry. Amy Smith of NME decided to write about the many different ways that fans have actually surmised that the show could end, and none of them are too disappointing though some of the ideas are a bit disturbing even when keeping mind the kind of ideas that the show has entertained in the past.

Likely as not the show will probably continue to get approved for one season after another since people want the familiar programs that they’re used to. At this point it’s almost a guarantee that the crew working on the Simpsons are going to be retiring and handing it off to another group rather than give it a final episode. That might seem a bit dramatic, but considering that most shows don’t hit this number of seasons it’s hard to say that things are going to change anytime soon when it comes to the Simpsons getting renewed for one season after another. It’s a fun and entertaining show to be certain, but it’s also something that seems to have run its course a while back and is hanging onto the social changes around us for new and exciting material, thereby making it relevant and continuously interesting. The characters haven’t changed or even developed as much as people think, and the overall story hasn’t changed that much. One of these days the Simpsons might get cancelled or will end in a finale, but it won’t be within the next couple of years.

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