Danny Trejo is a Real Life Hero as He Rescues Kid in Security Video

Actors tend to get a lot of flak for their missteps, their past, and the bad choices they might make during their careers. What they don’t always get are kudos when they do something right since this doesn’t tend to make a lot of headlines unless it’s something that’s absolutely fantastic and hard not to comment about. Danny Trejo acting like a real life hero as he saves a child from a wrecked car is something you can easily get behind since it instills a lot of faith in people that the stars really do care about people and will gladly lend a hand whenever they can. For someone like Trejo, who’s usually seen as the tough, snarling figure in movies that doesn’t get along with a lot of people, to stick his neck out for someone else is beyond great since it does show people that he is a caring individual that is almost nothing like what he portrays on screen.

The way he describes this accident is enough to think that not just anyone would stick their neck out like this, and no matter how cynical that sounds it’s true since there are people that wouldn’t think twice but there are also people that would be wondering what they could possibly do and still not doing anything. Danny however didn’t even think about it as he came over and, proving what a decent person he really is, tried to get the child in the backseat away from danger. He did mention smelling gasoline but thankfully nothing was ruptured too badly and eventually both the child and his grandmother were freed from the SUV. Obviously the mother of the child and the grandmother were grateful to Danny and the young woman that helped him out by unbuckling the kid from the other side since Danny couldn’t reach. Even more impressive however is the fact that Danny managed to calm the kid down as he was understandably upset and wailing as he was being taken out of the car. The manner in which he did it was amusing as well as touching since he told the child that they had to use their superpowers to stay calm and get through this, more or less, and the child apparently responded in a very positive manner to this, thereby taking some stress out of the situation.

It’s a little tough for some people to equate Danny as a kind-hearted individual in real life since in the movies he’s one of those guys that’s either the grizzled and worn-down old man that you don’t want to mess with even if he’s a really nice guy, or the terrifying villain that you don’t want to mess with because he might tear you apart if you’re not careful. He’s made a reputation of being the bad guy for a long time now with movies like Desperado, Dusk till Dawn, and several other movies, but in the recent past he’s also made himself into a good guy with movies like Machete and Badass. The one thing that Danny has never been seen as in the movies though is weak since he’s almost always been one of the toughest characters on screen. In real life though he’s reportedly one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.

Trejo is well into his 70s now and is definitely a man with a past, but one that he wears proudly since he did his time and he learned from the many mistakes he made when he was younger. Since his time in prison he changed a great deal and has become an upstanding citizen and remained a very devout believer in his faith. He did manage to slip in that he was glad God had put him in the right place to help the grandmother and her grandson, further proving that he’s the kind of guy you’d want to have around if your life ever needed saving. This is the guy that’s made a reputation out of looking as mean as he possibly can and has done a great job of it throughout the years, but is also a big softie when you really get to know him apparently. In all honesty that’s something that you can be glad of since the movie personas that so many actors carry around tend to define them a little too much at times, when in truth their real selves tend to be the opposite of who they are on screen.

This kind of goes to show that you never can tell just who someone is until you see their strength of character and their willingness to do the right thing in a moment of crisis. In such moments some people tend to fold and do nothing while others will gladly get in there and risk it to help another person in need.

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