Darth Vader: A Star Wars Story Fan Trailer is Simply Epic

Sometimes fan-made trailers are absolutely epic and even a little more exciting than the official trailers since the fans tend to add in more material that a lot of people would love to see. Darth Vader getting his own story though is something that desperately needs to happen since there was a good span of time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope in which Vader was a very busy and very efficient killer. Despite the Jedi Purge many knights still remained after Order 66 was handed down. While Vader and the Republic troops cut down a good number of them, including younglings, many throughout the galaxy survived and went on the run or into hiding. Some eschewed the Force entirely and made their way as regular citizens, but there were still those that Vader and other agents of Palpatine’s hunted down. Among them all however Vader was the most vicious and the most determined since despite going over to the dark side of the Force so readily there was that one spark of who he used to be, the Jedi that refused to be extinguished. This alone made him the perfect weapon to seek out the Jedi since he knew very well how they thought and what to expect in some instances.

Unfortunately this where the canon might break down if Disney has its way, which it most likely will even if the characters that this particular fan have depicted have been shown in the animated series. Quinlan Vos for one is a character that might be fun to see in a movie or even a live action series on Vader, even if he didn’t have a whole lot of contact with Anakin before Order 66 came down. There are several other Jedi as well, some that fell to Vader, others that simply disappeared, that would make such a movie even better. Even the appearance of Mara Jade would be fun to see since she and Vader didn’t really get along all that well. There are years in between the movies that could be further explored and given an impressive showing on the big or small screens since Vader is undeniably a force unto himself when it comes to Star Wars and his exploits are legend among the different canons. Within the EU he’s not talked about that much save for when Luke and Leia seem to feel the need or there’s a comparison he’s being used for. In the current canon however, the one that Disney hopefully can’t and won’t ignore, his legend is still more or less intact since it has to do with events that were taking place between the prequels and the original trilogy. Even between the movies of the original trilogy there are moments in time when Vader went off on other missions, as he hunting down the Rebels wasn’t the only thing that Palpatine was interested in during that time.

It might also be great to see Grand Admiral Thrawn be allowed to gain some prominence as it shows in this trailer since the Chiss has been a very important character in the books, which have been released after Disney bought up Lucasfilm. It’s a big hope that such a thing could happen of course since all Disney has to do is state that none of what’s been written is canon and will be filed away in the EU with everything else. It’s a little too easy to predict such a thing happening, though one can certainly hope that it won’t. With the backlash that came from The Last Jedi one can only hope that Disney will start paying attention and listen to the fans, or rather, the directors will listen and stop going off on their own tangents trying to figure out just what Star Wars is all about. Every time such a thing is said it does kind of sound like a fanboy wishing and hoping for someone to finally listen to their version of the story, but in a big way there are a lot of people that aren’t hardcore fans or diehards that want to see this story honored the way it deserves, and a story on Vader, one done in a manner that shows the Sith lord being absolutely ruthless and unforgiving in his extermination of the last remaining Jedi, would be nothing short of epic.

This is the kind of story that, kind of like the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series mentioned by Jacob Oller of SyFy Wire, needs to be done in a way that doesn’t deviate so much from the main character and the story that’s already known that it can’t be recognized. Trying to do such a thing while having it make sense would anger a lot of fans and only continue to add to the slippery slope that’s been erected since The Force Awakens came out.

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