Darude Reveals The Origins Of “Sandstorm” In Interesting Mini-Documentary

This mini-documentary allows Darude to explain just how Sandstorm came to be. To start with he was simply a club patron at first, listening to the music and trying to find something he liked, some sound that might define what he wanted to do. He had no set plan in mind, there was no ‘ah-a’ moment that got him going on the track known as Sandstorm. It was a process that took a while that took a lot of work and a great deal of effort to come together. The melody came together first is what it sounds like. From there the artist continued forward with a bit of help to help the piece come together just a bit more.

Sandstorm apparently only took 2 days to finish but it’s lasted for quite a while at this point. If you listen closely you’ll recognize the track and you might start thinking about just where you’ve heard it. That kind of thing can drive a person nuts until the find the source, but it shouldn’t take too much time to realize that it’s been in a number of productions to this point.

It’s in movies, it’s in music videos of its own, and it’s in video games as well. This track has gone further than Darude ever thought it would. In fact it was about two weeks from the time that he really got into it to the time when he started hearing his song in clubs and elsewhere. It’s really amazing how such a thing can happen so quickly but the fact is that once artists and fans lock upon a song or an idea then the idea soon enough becomes an institution that people start to flock around and build upon in an effort to enjoy what they feel is now a new and exciting part of pop culture.

Darude wasn’t much of a DJ when he first started out. He was considered as an outsider when he first came into the hobby and then almost overnight he was getting popular because of his song. Darude even knew this when he first started, and even when he was booked with the same DJ’s that he’d looked up to and admired he felt really out of place. Anyone might feel this way if the one big hit they had was really all they had. Thankfully he was able to get into the scene and start playing great gigs. He was able to make people love his music so it was something that people tended to grab onto and not let go.

He was a big hit in the US with most people. Gamers especially seemed to lock onto Sandstorm since it’s a song that gets to a person and moves them in a way that’s hard to explain. Since his entrance into the DJ scene Darude has been seen bookings come on a regular basis and has been riding the wave as much as he can. He might have felt that needed to pay his dues at one point, but as of now he is fully integrated into the life.

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