The Dating Profiles of Game of Thrones Characters

If Game of Thrones characters ever dated I think the Seven Kingdoms would be looking a lot worse than they are now, or maybe they’d be just the same. From their dating profiles you get the feeling that each one of them is looking for something they aren’t too likely to find and even if they did it wouldn’t end well, as it never does. It’s even funnier since they’ve used characters on here that were hooked up with each other at one point. For instance Ygritte doesn’t like kneelers and yet she went with Jon Snow and became his woman ever so briefly before duty and honor got in the way of love for Jon. It was just too much to love a wildling and to be a member of the Night’s Watch,  especially since the two are about as compatible as motor oil and fresh water.

Then you have Drogo and Daenerys. They couldn’t have been more opposite when you really look at them, but through a lot of patience and a good idea of what to do to finally get her way with him, Dany managed to become a wife to Drogo rather than his continual pleasure toy. She proved that she was stronger than he’d thought and believe it or not he actually enjoyed that she was able to become a much stronger Khaleesi than he’d imagined. Had he not been wounded, which in the book happened differently, he might have become one of the true threats to the Seven Kingdoms and perhaps even knocked off the Lannisters for good. Khal Drogo was no joke, he was one of the toughest men in GoT, but his fate was never to survive that long. Then of course there’s Jorah Mormont, who was so head over heels in love with Dany that he couldn’t hide it no matter what he did. And yet she didn’t care a single bit for him except to see him as a friend. Ouch, even in GoT the friend-zone exists.

Theon honestly didn’t seem to care about women all that much so long as he could pay them for their services or dominate them in some way. Once Ramsay Bolton was done with him however he didn’t have to worry overly much about being able to satisfy a woman, either physically or emotionally since he’s so wrecked. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise though if by next season he becomes a sleeper that somehow alters the course of the war. Stannis Baratheon and Tywin Lannister however are just too much to believed when it comes to thinking how they would be on the dating scene.

Both men are into power and duty, and neither of them seems capable of really caring about anyone unless it brings them some sort of advantage. Stannis neglected his wife for Melisandre after all and burned his own daughter at the stake. Tywin would have gladly sacrificed his son Tyrion if he could have gotten away with it. So yeah, the dating scene in GoT is kind of brutal and not all that amenable for anyone.

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