Dave Bautista as Lobo? Yes Please

Take Superman, the Punisher, Wolverine, and mash them all together, and you might get some version of Lobo, the Czarnian mercenary from DC comics that’s made several appearances in the animated shows and otherwise has been planned out over the years but never delivered. The ‘Main Man’ as he’s called himself so long would be a welcome addition to the DC universe, but he’d also be someone that would raise the aggression level to a degree that would be absolutely intense since this is a character that can take on Superman and still keep coming thanks to an insane healing factor and the fact that, according to his backstory, he’s not welcome in the afterlife, meaning heaven and hell both said ‘nuh-uh’. That makes him even more interesting since depending on where he might be inserted, even if he was to be given his own show or movie, it’s fair to say that he would be nigh unstoppable and could only be dissuaded in a number of ways that might keep him from doing exactly what he wanted at any given moment. He doesn’t feel like a character that would do well on the CW simply because, despite the level of violence that’s been seen on the various DC shows, Lobo is designed to take things over the top and just keep going since he’s that type of a character. 

But getting Dave Bautista to play him would be great since the former WWE star isn’t just big, he’s also proved that he has talent since his portrayal of Drax the Destroyer in the MCU has been a lot of fun, and other roles that he’s taken on over the years have shown that he has the ability to be far more than what his appearance might indicate since in a deleted scene of Blade Runner 2049 it’s more than obvious that he’s a dangerous individual that could cause intense physical harm, but until that moment he’s a very calm and reasonable individual that is soft-spoken and doesn’t really get aggressive unless he has to. Dave has done a lot to work past the idea of being typecast since it’s too easy to happen to big guys and it’s not a necessarily pleasant thing since it limits people to what they can do. Throughout the last several years he’s been doing whatever he could to make certain that people see him as an actor and not just a former star in the WWE, a bruiser, and an overly aggressive individual that’s only good for action movies and fighting. Admittedly, that’s what the role of Lobo would be using him for, but there’s always a chance that he could bring something else to the character that we haven’t seen yet in the animated series that he’s been featured in, and it could be that Lobo might be another bright side moment for the DC universe since he’s different in so many ways that it might actually break the DC universe open a bit and make it feel less stodgy than normal.

Honestly, the level of enthusiasm and humor in the DC universe has been lacking in a big way since about the only real comic relief has been the Flash, and his shoulders aren’t quite strong enough to place that kind of weight on, as the other humorous moments that have been taken on in the DC universe have usually been brief and very forgettable. Lobo could probably bring that level of humor up a few notches, even though some of it might be pretty dark. It would still be a welcome change since the type of humor used in DC movies has been cringe-worthy at best sometimes and definitely geared towards more family-friendly jokes and moments that fall pretty flat. Lobo is the type of character that could really light a spark in the DC universe and wreck things on a level that would force the heroes and villains to take note since his role as a mercenary doesn’t always mean that he’s bound to be a good guy or a bad guy, but he does have a few pretty nasty tendencies. But someone that could toss Superman around would be fun to see, especially since it would establish that there’s a very real pecking order in the DC universe and, well, Superman isn’t at the top of it. 

Some would likely argue with this no doubt since Superman is supposed to be the guy that can beat just about anyone, but it all depends on the type of power levels that Lobo would be given upon his entrance into the movies, which would hopefully be good enough to create a match that might be entertaining to watch. After all, in the comics, it’s been shown that Lobo can take the man of steel to the limit. That might be a fun fight to watch. 

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