David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Sign a Massive Deal with Netflix

Benioff and Weiss

While it’s not too certain just what David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be doing for Netflix it’s easily assumed that it will be great since Game of Thrones, their biggest claim to fame at this point, was enough to keep a lot of people busy throughout the last decade and more. In fact some people might credit the show more to Benioff and Weiss’ contributions than George R.R. Martin’s at this point since the author still hasn’t finished the series, but then again that means they could take more of the blame as well. Regardless of that point the two will be coming to Netflix after a bidding war that took place and saw the streaming giant finally entice them over to its side. They have a few projects they still want to see through first, such as a new trilogy for Star Wars and a Kurt Cobain project that will be taking precedence. But eventually they will be making their way over to the streaming network to join the greats that have already been working with Netflix for a little while.

It’s a little frustrating to not know what they’ll be planning when they make their way over but it’s also way too early to expect anything from them since the deal took place not that long ago and their plans for other projects have been on the block for a bit, long enough that they don’t feel like dumping them to start anew. Plus the idea that the two great minds that came up with GoT will be seeking to make a Star Wars trilogy is nothing less than awesome since it would seem that this might finally get us back to a stable platform when it comes to the Star Wars universe, we hope. If anyone even bothers to ask what that means they might want to read Martin Daubney’s article in The Telegraph, as it’s an indication that thanks to feminism and political leanings in the movies, don’t bother denying it since it’s been seen by too many, Star Wars was subjected to the same treatment that other movies and TV shows have been getting for the past few years. The emasculation of certain characters and the dominant rise of others has been a positive and a negative thing for the epic tale since not only does it show the women in a much stronger light, but it does show faults within the men that we didn’t really focus on in the past. The bad part of this however is that both films seemed to paint men in a way that made their characters somehow lesser than they’d been in the past. Han was now a doddering, frustrated old man that had almost none of the spunk he’d had in the earlier movies. Luke was an old and addled hermit that had no drive any longer, and even newbies like Finn, Kylo Ren, and Poe Dameron were manly when they had to be, but were otherwise dominated by women when the film decided it was time for the ladies to step up.

The hope for their new trilogy is that it will be a little more balanced. Don’t take the strong women out, that part is actually quite nice. But any male characters do need to exhibit the same strength and, in some cases, perhaps be just typical alpha males, what some people might call ‘toxic masculinity’. After all the Star Wars universe isn’t exactly built around the nice, equal, fair treatment that some people might want to see in movies and TV, nor has it ever been. Much like GoT it’s a mean, nasty place that tends to victimize those that can’t do for themselves. Rey is obviously quite tough, as is Rose, Leia, and many others, but just making the women tough doesn’t mean the men have to be made into lesser beings. Something of how they’ve crafted their characters and story in the past indicates that their time on a Star Wars trilogy will make the saga get up and move in a way that it hasn’t done in years.

As for the Kurt Cobain movie, well, there have been a large number of theories about his death since the day it happened, and while a lot of fingers have pointed at Courtney Love, others have been trying to direct anyone who will listen to vast conspiracies that range from the mundane to those that come way out of left field. Any movie being made about Cobain at this point kind of needs to have a great deal of accuracy so that fans aren’t tempted to rip it apart at the seams.

The exciting bit is going to be when they’re ready to make their way over to Netflix, as it’s easy to assume that whatever they come up with is going to be something good.

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