David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers is Being Adapted Into an Amazon Series

Dead Ringers is by far one of David Cronenberg’s most bizarre stories, but to hear that it’s being brought back as an Amazon series is likely going to invigorate a few viewers, especially since Rachel Weisz will be taking on the starring role as the Mantle twins. With the fact that Jeremy Irons took on the role of the twins in the original movie, it’s going to be kind of intriguing to see what Weisz can do with the part throughout a series since the lives of the Mantle twins is fairly disturbing and the fact that they couldn’t live without each other is even more so at the end of the movie. How it’s going to be made into a series is a good question, but it’s likely that this has already been answered and people will be able to see just how it’s been handled eventually since it might be out sooner than people think. The whole premise behind it though is that the twins are pretty much inseparable since they share just about everything despite the fact that one of them is rather shy and the other is very assertive and more than a little conceited. How this is going to work when plugging a woman into the main role might work to get a lot of people on board since the idea is that things could change very quickly if the role is kept the same. Handling the idea of the two women sharing lovers is bound to be kind of different if such a thing is explored, which it kind of needs to be since it’s one of the main points of the story.

A person doesn’t need to take a huge leap of faith when thinking that this movie might challenge their ways of thinking, but it would likely be wise to remain open-minded. Stories about twins can be pretty intense since the bond between twins is something that definitely gets taken out of context and yet gets overblown quite often as well. But the dynamic in this story is something along the lines that many people would think of as possible when it comes to twin siblings, as it’s been depicted in movies and TV in this same manner for quite some time. It’s kind of a silly question as to why the series is going to swap a male lead for a female, since not only is this a norm in today’s cinematic experience, but it’s also something that’s at least a little bit different that might change the perspective and the way people will look at it. Arguing with this idea is a bit pointless considering that it’s very likely that Rachel Weisz is already planning on doing something that will elicit a gasp or two from the audience when they see it. Of course, it’s also possible that the content might be toned down a bit and updated in a way that will showcase more feminist ideals than the original movie brought forth. As I said, it could be of interest if people are willing to stay open-minded and not think of third-wave feminism continually.

Of all the movie ideas to bring back though this is one of them that people might have a few things to talk about when it comes to the overall plot and subject matter since the whole idea is kind of controversial and it does tend to make a person wonder at the morality of it. Expecting people to comment on it is of course what a lot of columnists do and a number of people are looking forward to the next tidbit of information they can get from whoever is willing to spill the beans so to speak, lending the lot of them a chance to cite their sources and state that they’re completely certain of the information they’ve just given to the people that are willing to read. Dead Ringers is bound to be one of the many upcoming series that will be seen on several sites as several different writers will go on and on about the movie and what it means, what it implies, what this or that is saying about the other thing and so on and so forth and blah, blah, blah. It’s going to be intriguing enough to see what Rachel Weisz and those she’s working with will be able to take from the original and what they can do with it, but at the end of the day it’s another remake and one can bet that if it’s anything like the original there will be someone out there saying ‘you can’t, or shouldn’t, do that’ simply because they don’t like the material. Thankfully there’s this new invention that a lot of people tend to use when it comes to watching movies or TV, it’s called the POWER button.

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