David Cross Says That Arrested Development is Done For Good

Sometimes fans are a bit too rabid for their own good since continually hounding for another season of Arrested Development is likely starting to grate on some folks while it might be causing others to spin their wheels to see what might come of a sixth season. But to be quite honest it might be best if such a thing doesn’t happen since to be completely and brutally honest, the past two seasons really weren’t as good and it’s very likely that the stars just don’t have the time to make their way back. David Cross is one of those that will put things the way he sees them without sparing anyone’s sensibilities, which is a good and a bad thing all at once since it can make him look like a jerk, but it can also be what people need to hear at that moment. To be fair though, keeping a sixth season of Arrested Development from happening might be one of the best ideas since dragging it through the mud to try and make it fly again is only going to muddy up the reputation of the show and not do it any good. And a reunion show would only be another way of doing the same thing, meaning that it would sully the reputation that the show gained so rightfully in the first few seasons. Trying to tell this to fans though is like talking to someone in a wind tunnel, you can see their lips moving but the words just don’t register.

It’s great to love a show and to want to see more of it since it can make the cast and the director feel that they’ve done their job and that people actually care about something they’ve done. But when the majority of interest wanes and it’s time to move on, it’s usually time to just let it go and admit that the story has been told and it’s simply time to find something else to enjoy. The funny thing is that the majority of the cast of Arrested Development have had solid careers before and after the show, and it’s easy to find a lot of them in order to keep enjoying them, but people want to keep going back to the proverbial well in order to see if something else can be done with the show they came to know and love, even if it means signing petitions to keep something around, which may or may not work. A lot of the time it’s the latter since petitions don’t mean much unless there’s enough weight behind them to really get something done (cough, cough, Snyder Cut, cough).

The thing is that with a TV show, once an arc is completed or left for long enough without being completed it’s tough to get it back and to generate the kind of interest that the show will need in order to survive. Drumming up enough press and hype for a movie sequel or reboot is bad enough, but trying to do this for a TV show is insanely tough in some ways since it requires getting the same actors back, possibly bringing the same director back, and picking up the story at a later date since depending on when the show was discontinued to start with, it might be that everyone has gotten a bit older and it’s time to explore a different arc that might force fans to accept things they’re not ready for. A couple of shows that would be great to see back would be Married With Children and My Name is Earl, but considering how long they’ve been off the air, the narrative would have to change in a big way not just because of the advanced age of the actors, but also because the world is a bit different as of now and the same stories wouldn’t be as likely to work, at least not in the same manner. Just imagine Al Bundy with technology at his fingertips or Earl Hickey with a working knowledge of cell phones and the internet. Yikes, should be a good start to that idea.

Technology and how the world sits today wouldn’t be a huge impediment to Arrested Development if it did somehow manage to get a sixth season, but it’s still enough to state that it would be a bad idea since the story should be left alone as it is without any need to revisit it. The idea of many fans that want to bring the show back has more to do with the fact that a lot of folks just can’t let things go and don’t want to move on to another show since they’ve grown comfortable with what they had. It does take a lot to become emotionally attached to a show, and letting go is a bit difficult, but it’s time to move on.

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