David Duchovny Is Going To be in The Craft Reboot

In a big way it almost feels as though David Duchovny is the kind of person that we all know is popular and would back him when it comes to something worthwhile, but then it feels as though he disappears somehow even if he’s right in plain sight. After his time on the X-Files it almost seems as though everything else he did had the volume turned way down, or had the profile masked somehow so that it took a real fan to seek him out and notice just what he was doing and why it was still great. Californication was perhaps one of his biggest claims to fame outside of the X-Files, but now as Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb points out it seems that he’ll be able to put down The Craft reboot on his resume as well. Not that he needs it, his status as a star has been established for many years now and it’s safe to say that he’s going to be remembered as a legend for his own contributions. Thinking that he needs anything else to really make him any more memorable is kind of hard to think of as necessary, but it couldn’t hurt to see him continue to build his reputation as time goes on.

It hasn’t been established just yet where he’ll show up in the movie or what part he’ll be playing but if I had to guess I would say he’s going to be the father figure of the witch that has the most natural talent. If you recall from the original movie said witch’s father was about the only real male role model that wasn’t a total sleaze, but he also wasn’t in the movie all that much. It’s hard to say for certain what part he’ll show up in to be honest since the reboot could take things in a different direction and he could be around for a substantially greater amount of time than his earlier counterpart. Given that the reboot will have to take a lot of things into account, such as the advent of the technology that wasn’t as available back in the 90s, this movie could take on a very different look since technology has become a big addition in the movies and has changed up the landscape quite a bit if one is going to be honest. In terms of witchcraft it might have less of an impact since last I checked Wicca actually had entered the app game, though how this works is something that might need to be looked at from a judicious manner since moviegoers tend to want to see something akin to the old school style, meaning altars, athame’s, dark, Gothic-looking attire and stereotypical witchcraft. How the movie is going to be shaped is bound to incorporate the new with the old, but the director is smart it might pay to really pay attention to the idea of Wicca and dark magic rather than taking off after the Hollywood stereotypes that have given us an idea that witches are either good or evil without any gray in between.

For Duchovny this is about as close to a return to form as he can get since it’s not nearly the X-Files but it’s certainly a turn in the right direction since it has to do with the supernatural and the unexplained that a lot of human beings can’t seem to handle. There’s not much doubt that he’ll come on screen and be worth the watch since he’s been a great actor for a while now and knows how to adapt to his surroundings. The individuals that a lot of people are going to be watching closely are the young women playing the witches since they’re the main part of the story and the reason why this can be made. If it was four young men you can bet that people would have a conniption fit. Oh wait, we already got something like that, and it bombed horribly. Remember The Covenant? Four young warlocks that are best friends and have powers that allow them to do certain things that they tend to hide from people? It’s a bit different from the Craft, especially considering that as you might guess it’s a lot less subtle when it comes to the use of power. The Craft displayed uses of power in a very profound way, but they were far more devious, less obvious, and usually levied against those that really deserved it. You could say the same of The Covenant, but for one reason or another the act of a male getting back at someone means there has to be a great deal of fanfare and masculine bravado, whereas a woman getting back at someone might smile at them as the curse takes hold without the individual being any the wiser. Of course if you’ve read anything about Wicca you might know that dark magic is kind of frowned upon.

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