David Harbour as Magnum P.I. is All We Hoped for and More


Giving David Harbour a Magnum PI makeover as Hopper PI is nothing short of hilarious since it seems to be a version that features a working man’s Magnum that’s nowhere near as trim or as suave as the original but is also someone that might be a lot more realistic. The fact that Eddie Spuhghetti, clever name that, put this together from season 3 clips of Hopper running around Hawkins and doing his thing is pretty impressive since it tracks like a regular show trailer and as a result looks almost completely genuine in some spots. It’s great that he even managed to include Joy and Murray as well, since of course they turned out to be important characters that needed a mention in Hopper’s narrative. Corey Hoffmeyer of ScreenRant is right, this is a fun bit of fan-made hilarity that makes the sting of possibly losing Hopper in season 3 fade just a little bit, especially since it reminds us that Hopper did kind of go out on a high note.

David Harbour has been on kind of a tear lately when it comes to his career, despite the fact that his attempt at remaking Hellboy was kind of a flop. To be honest his role as Hopper has been one of the best he’s had in a while and it’s catapulted him back into the public eye in a big way. When the series started out, Hopper was more or less the burnout sheriff that a lot of people didn’t have that much faith in since he didn’t seem to have more than a few redeeming qualities. By the second season he was starting to come around as the guy we really started to like and the type of sheriff that wasn’t perfect but was at the very least someone that had the best interests of those around him at heart. He took in Eleven at the end of the season and that was something that seemed to redeem him in a big way to a lot of people. But of course by season 3 it’s shown that being a parent is wearing on him since now he has to worry about El becoming a young woman and not being able to handle it. But seriously, can any dad with a daughter say that they would react differently if they knew that a boy was in their daughter’s room? Mike seems to have gotten off kind of easily, especially when the blatant disrespect that was shown to Hopper in his own home was taken into account.

But then again Hopper in season 3 was something of a jerk, even if he did have his reasons. He was into Joy, but it was kind of obvious that she was still pining over Bob, who was the love of her life for a while. He was a jerk to just about everyone else that he either didn’t like or didn’t trust, and he was the quintessential bull in the china shop when it came to getting down to business and finding out more about the strange happenings in Hawkins. There’s a good reason why Murray didn’t like him all that much even if he was willing to listen to him, and why Alexi thought it prudent to screw around with the details until Hopper called his bluff. He wasn’t the most likable guy in season 3 because he’d been beaten down by the act of suddenly having a teenage girl in the house and a boy that wanted to do nothing but make out with her and disrespect him. It didn’t help matters when he couldn’t talk to Eleven as he would another person and instead resorted to being the brutish, dominant male that wanted things his way or no way.

But hey, this does seem to indicate that Hopper would be the working man’s Magnum since he’s kind of boorish in a way, doesn’t exactly go in for what’s sexy or suave and just bulls his way through any situation he finds himself in, and is fond of Hawaiian shirts. That seems to be enough of a qualification in the eyes of many people since honestly it would seem that he was made for the role, from a certain point of view. Plus, like it was mentioned above, the frivolity does take away from the idea that Hopper is gone, disintegrated, without anything left to bury. There’s likely going to be a lot of chatter about the post credits of season 3 and the mention of ‘the American’, but until season 4 rolls around every word spoken is going to be nothing more than speculation about what could happen versus what will happen. A lot of us will be hoping that Hopper returns, but even if he does, one has to think about what he’d be returning to since Eleven and the Byers have moved out of Hawkins and nothing is going to be quite the same anymore.

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