All of David Harbour’s Tide Ads from Superbowl 52

It was interesting how David Harbour’s various ads during Super Bowl 52 kind of “Tide” into everything. Yes, that was a shameless pun, but it was as accurate as it could be since everything could be connected back to a Tide ad if you really give it some thought. Super Bowl commercials are known for being odd, over the top, and able to make you laugh, but this one was beyond over the top, it was multi-commercial of all things, which was pretty cool. The fact that they even took a couple of well-known ideas and made them part of the Tide ad was something that really hasn’t been done before, at least not on this scale.

David Harbour has been around for a while now when it comes to TV and movies but ever since Stranger Things came out his career has really taken off. And now that he’s going to starring in the new Hellboy reboot it’s only likely to get better. He does have the kind of personality that can make this kind of ad something different and in some cases almost mesmerizing, in a kind of goofy way really. That seems to be the point though as he moves from one ad to the next, interrupting whatever pitch is about to be made and going on to state that it’s a Tide ad. I wonder what kind of collusion was instigated to make this possible, since you can see evidence of Mr. Clean, something resembling an Alexa, and of course the Old Spice spokesperson that he ends up interrupting. It’s all just one giant Tide ad.

So does that make EVERYTHING a Tide ad? Possibly, potentially, perhaps yes. Obviously not but it’s interesting to really think about it now when you look at other commercials. How many different products could be plugged in single commercial without having to watch so many different ones that take up more time and space than is really needed to get their point across? Have you ever noticed how even a thirty-second commercial can cram so much information into each second that you feel almost overloaded by the time it’s done? That sounds odd and close to impossible but there are products that go out of their way to explain every little thing without taking into account that they might want to hold something back. In truth the only things that seem to need such a thing are medications that legally have to describe their various side effects, and even those are going by at a good enough clip that you really have to listen.

I doubt we’ll ever see a whole lot of commercials lumped together on this scale throughout the coming years but for the Super Bowl it was something funny and very interesting to see. Plus the fact that it was David Harbour in the commercial makes you think that perhaps he’s becoming more of an A-lister and will be seen around quite a bit now that his acting talent has finally been recognized.

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