Days of Our Lives: Claire Confides in Marlena

Days of Our Lives fans are going to see Claire take a secret she knows about Rafe and Sami to Marlena. We know she found out herself and didn’t know what to do with the information, but we suspect this is going to be a very significant change in her life. She’s got a problem with people in her life right now, and she’s going to ask Marlena about it. Marlena will be more than a little shocked to hear that this happened at all, and she will be horrified that Rafe would do this. She won’t, of course, be at all surprised that Sami would go there – but Rafe is not like most other people.

She’s going to go through her own stage of confusion and upset as she realizes that this is the truth and things really are a mess for this couple, and then she’s going to find out that there is not a lot she can do about it. She’s going to find that things aren’t always what they seem, but she won’t run off to Hope and share this news with her right now. She’s got more class than that, and we think this is going to be one of those situations in which she’s not sure what to do.

She might just find herself in the middle of a problem she can’t fix, and she’s going to see if she can handle it herself. These two might assume they know, but they don’t. And that’s the problem.

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