Days of Our Lives: Gabi Wants Revenge

Days of Our Lives fans are going to see Gabi take a very evil turn. She’s not happy at the way things turned out for her. She’s so upset she spent all that time in prison, she was injured and hurt badly, her name was dragged through the mud as a murderer in the media and all over Salem, and she lost time with her family. She’s angry, and she doesn’t seem to care that she’s got a problem with Abigail that Abby couldn’t handle. Her explanation of a multiple personality situation is not good enough for Gabi, and she’s going to turn her life around in an effort to see if she can change the way things are going. She’s got to get the revenge she feels she’s entitled to.

She’s going to come up with a plan to get her life back on track, and it might just entail going out of her own way to ensure she’s able to get things handled from her own perspective. She feels that they wronged her, and so she’s going to create a very revengeful plan against Stefan and Abigail. They are no longer working together now that her doctor has been able to get Gabby to leave Abby alone, but Gabi doesn’t care. She’s not happy with this explanation, and she will go out of her way to make sure that everyone suffers because of it. She feels she suffered, and it’s only right others should suffer, too.

Gabi’s evil side is going to take over here. She’s not going to have this anymore. She’s made the decision to get her life together, and she’s not going to let anyone talk her out of it. She’s not sure what she believes, but she is positive she believes that Abigail did this to her, and she must get back at her. We can say she’s not being reasonable, but she’s been through so much.

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