Days of Our Lives: Maggie Threatens to Leave Victor

Days of Our Lives fans are going to find out that Maggie might spend a lot of her time not bothering with the family business or what her husband and their family are up to, but she’s about to find out that the plan Brady and Victor have for Eve is going down – and she doesn’t like it. In fact, she’s so against what they have planned for her she is going to tell them that she won’t stand for it. If they go forth with their plan to do this to Eve, she will leave.

And guess what? We hear she’s going to pack her bags and move out of her home with Victor. She’s exceptionally passionate about what is going on in their lives right now, and she’s not standing for any of this. And that makes us question so many things. What is going on in her world? What is happening when she has a chance to make things right?

What is she so in the care about? Eve has made it clear she plans on coming into this family to take them down, but has she really done such a number on Maggie that she doesn’t see that? Her family certain thinks there is a lot going on here she can’t really handle. What is going to happen when she does leave? Will she come back? After all that happened a few months ago, we have a difficult time believing this is what will take Maggie and Victor down.

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