Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara is Causing More Trouble

Days of Our Lives fans never get tired of watching people fight, and that’s precisely what Ciara is making sure happens everywhere right now. She’s in the middle of still trying to ruin lives every chance she gets, and she’s not about to allow that to pass her by without taking it upon herself to do what she feels is most important and most useful to her. She’s in the middle of trying to make Claire miserable, and that’s all she takes pleasure in these days.

It’s not enough for her that Claire lost Tripp because of his injuries and the fact that he will spend the next year receiving treatment in another country. It’s not enough for Ciara to see her miserable and worried that the man she loves might not live his life the way he was meant to live his life. It’s her problem, and she’s got a lot to do about it — and she’s not trying to be someone who makes good decisions, either.

She’s going to share a secret with Tripp, and Claire is going to confront her about it. This probably won’t go well, but there is a good chance Ciara was looking for a chance to get closer to Tripp when she found out how close he was to Claire. It’s not, after all, fair in Ciara’s mind that Claire gets everything she wants — so she will move in and do what she can to take that from her and make her life completely miserable as a result.

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