Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Learns the Truth About Abigail

Days of Our Lives fans are going to get to see how Gabi reacts to finding out what’s going on with Abigail. All she knows is that her friend was a total crazy person in the courtroom who lied on the stand and told everyone that she basically saw Gabi do it. If Gabi was shocked, it was obvious. And she had no idea why her friend would do this. The best she could come up with is that her friend was harboring a few grudges against her after all that happened in the past with her and Chad.

And now she’s going to learn from Rafe what’s going on. She’s been officially diagnosed and will receive the help she needs medically, but Gabi might not handle it well. We don’t know. We don’t know if she will take the information she’s hearing very well or if it will only cause her more upset in this current situation. She’s still recovering from what happened to her. And a lot of what happened to her is the fault of her friend. If Abigail’s alter ego hadn’t made up lies about her to cover things up, this never would have happened.

Gabi spent months preparing for her trial, on the stand, and in jail. She’s been away from her little girl, her friends, and her family. She’s emotionally and physically damaged from all of this, and it’s taken a serious toll on her and her life. She cannot just forget this ever happened to her. It’s not possible for her to forget that this is her life and this happened, but can she move on and forgive her friend for causing this kind of pain and damage in her life?

Can she ever forget Abigail for this, or will she unreasonably decide that she just can’t? Even if she can reasonably understand her friend didn’t do this to her on purpose, it might not be entirely possible for her to forgive Abigail. And we think that might be what happens in this situation. Few people know how to handle what is happening.

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