Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Lucas Rushes Brady to the Hospital

Days of Our Lives fans are going to see that today is the day that Lucas must rush Brady to the hospital. This is also the day that Miguel might just implement his plan to take Chloe to Mexico with him. He’s been very carefully planning this kidnapping for a while, and it’s been something he’s had up his sleeve for some time. He needed Brady out of his way, and his hospitalization is the perfect excuse for him to get this situation under control.

With both Brady and Lucas out of his way and not watching out for her, he is free to get to her and take her when they aren’t looking. However, he might must underestimate what they are capable of even from a hospital bed in a bad situation. They aren’t going to just let this man run off to another country with someone they care for. It’s not how they work, and it’s not how they are comfortable operating.

This seems to be a situation we think they can handle no matter what, but there is always a chance that her situation might be worse before it gets better. She is, after all, working with two men who are distracted with a hospitalization, and that is a factor. He might just get her out of the country and work on his plan, but we have a feeling he won’t get her too long. They will come for him, and they will find him before long.

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