Days of Our Lives Couples We Think Will Get Back Together in 2019

Days of Our Lives fans are ready to see what the end of the year has to bring to the people of this show, and we are also ready for the new year to get here and bring with it some serious change. We think that there is a great chance that there are some people who can get it together, who can make their lives better, and who can cut out the issues they are facing. We are excited about all of that, too. We also think that there is a great chance we can see things unfold in a way that might work for some couples. We love love, and we want to see some couples get back together. They were not always able to make it work, but we think these couples have a chance to get their lives in order in the new year.

Roman and Kate

They are both problematic people who like to cause drama and issues with everyone in their lives. They are both sneaky, manipulative, and they are powerful, and they want to be together. They have a long history, too, and we think that they can make it work if they put some real effort into it. They are the kind of couple that does belong together, and we hope that they can get this situation to work for them in some way. They make a great team when they are not working on doing things behind the other’s back, so they do have that in common. They’ve had some good years, they’ve worked well with one another, and they make a great couple. We’d like to see them continue to work well together, too. So, we are all about what they can bring to this table with one another.

Gabi and JJ

Okay, okay. So, we don’t really want to see them back together again, but we kind of do. He’s a nice guy who makes some bad decisions, and we aren’t entirely convinced that we think she’s not one of them. She’s been an awful mess lately while trying to get her revenge on her old friend, and JJ’s sister, Abigail, and we think that it will not go well for them if they do get back together. She’s done some pretty unforgivable things lying about the paternity of Abby’s baby to make her think that the baby is not her own husband’s. She’s drugged her and left her to think that her other personalities keep coming back. She’s a wreck, and we cannot help but wonder if there is anything or any way we can get back from that. We aren’t sue, but we do think that there is a chance we can make things work if we just get them to make up. She’s a better person with him, and she needs that right now.

Chloe and Brady

She’s going through a lot now that Lucas has ended things with her. She’s alone, she’s sad, and she’s not sure what to do with her life. She’s got some options, and one of those options is right in front of her. She’s been spending a lot of time with Brady as he has been with her in the moment, and that’s something he can do. He’s trying hard to make things right for her to make her feel better about her life, and she might just take that into her heart and wonder about where it might take them. They have a long history together, so they might just work on that. They were married more than 10 years ago, but they never went back down this road with one another again. They never got back together, even though most couples do around here. That makes them a little special to us, and we think that they can work that out in every single manner of speaking. She’s not sure she can be with him at the moment considering she is so heartbroken, but we think that she can make things work in some way. If they get back together, we would like to see this be one of the situations that works long term. Nothing short for us here.

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