Days of Our Lives Couples Who Could Have Been Power Couples

Days of Our Lives fans know that love can be a fickle situation in Salem. You’re in it. You’re not in it. Someone else is in it. You never know what is going to happen around here when it pertains to how people feel about one another, but there are a few things that might work out in your favor if you like to watch this show. For example, we do know that there are some people who prefer to see things happen a certain way around here. There are some men and women who know who they love. They know it will work for them, but it might not work right now. There are some couples who can’t get it together enough to keep it together, and that’s where we find ourselves sad and wishing they’d worked out. In fact, we have a handful of couples here we really thought had it all together and would last a lifetime. They should have, but they did not.

Eric and Nicole

We also love them in so many ways, even if it does seem like it won’t work out now. She’s not really herself. Literally – she’s Kristin in the moment. But she might be rescued and everyone might find out the truth, and that means we might all get to see things work out for them. They might have a chance, still, and they might have a chance to get this to work. They are, if nothing else, one another’s actual true loves. This is something we need to see more of, but we have to find her, first.

Lucas and Sami

Lucas and Sami were nothing if not a hot mess most of the time, but we liked them. They have a lovely son who loves them both so much, and they had all it took to make a great couple. He’s been with other woman, she’s been with other men, but they always seem to work so well together when it comes to what is right. She’s the only woman who can help him sometimes, and we think they have a lot of potential. We’d not be upset if this went somewhere.

Daniel and Jennifer

He’s long gone, but we liked them together. We do wish she would get things together with her husband, but Jack is not in his right mind yet. He will be, soon, we hope. But, if she cannot be with Jack, we do think that she and Daniel were a lovely couple who had a lot to offer. They both appreciated the same things in life, and they were so similar. He always needed a lovely woman to keep him company, and she was just that for him. They had a super couple vibe going on, but he’s dead, so that’s not going to work out for them.

Brady and Chloe

He has never been happier with a woman than he was with her, and that is something we cannot stop living without in our minds. He’s a man who has a lot of options, so much to offer, and he has a way about him that makes it possible for everyone to see him as a good guy even when he is not being one. He’s got the same kind of personality she has, but they cannot get it together enough to make it work out. They did have their moments, and we did appreciate that. But, they didn’t get a chance to make it work, and that’s all right. We liked them, but they couldn’t do it.

Roman and Kate

She’s not looked back since their relationship ended, but we’ve looked back at least a half-million times to remember the time that they were happy together. We loved them. We wanted more from them. We did find them to be the kind of couple who had it together enough to make us happy, but they could not make it work. We do get it, but that doesn’t mean we have to like where it was going for them or what it meant for them. They were lovely together, and we thought they really had what it took to make it as a couple.

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