Days of Our Lives Most Disappointing Exits

Days of Our Lives fans know that there are sometimes situations that happen without any explanation, and those sometimes have a lot to do with character exits. There are so many things and so many reasons that people leave the show, and we cannot always predict how they will go down and what they will mean to those around them. But, there are always situations in which people find themselves in the midst of exits they don’t want to see, they didn’t see coming, or that they find devastating. In fact, we know that Salem is one of those places in which things happen all the time without people figuring it out for themselves, and we cannot help but wonder if there is a reason so many things happen without our knowledge. Is it because we don’t see it coming? Is it because we aren’t going to want it? We don’t know, but these character exits are truly disappointing.

Steve Johnson

We know he is coming back and that it’s good news to see him coming back, but we also know that there is a lot more that we did not see coming. He is not a man who is going to make us very happy not being on the show, but he is also a man who does make us very happy by being on the show. He has a lot to offer, and his most recent exit is one that is heartbreaking in every manner of speaking. He is a man we did not want to see gone in any way, but he was gone for a while. He was a man who left the show because he was given no other choice. They wrote him out without much more than a simple ‘see you later’ and nothing else. He wasn’t someone we wanted to see gone, but they ditched him without a second thought. He is not someone we thought that would ever happen to, but that’s where we ended up. We didn’t like it, but that is what it turned into. For now, though, we are happy he is coming back.

Leo Stark

We know that the man behind Leo is going back to his original role on his original show, but we didn’t like to see him leave the way that he did. We felt that there was something that would have made it a bit more peaceful, a bit better, and a lot more interesting, and it simply did not happen. They let him go without much fanfare, and that was a bit of a disappointment to all of us. He didn’t get to leave on the note that we felt was more appropriate for his character, but we don’t get much say in that, either. He was gone in a manner of speaking before he even left, but we felt that the show could have done more to make it something more interesting. We did not feel that they did much of a job in terms of figuring it out and making it turn into what we figured it might turn into. We wanted to see more, but they did not deliver what we wanted.

Jack Deveraux

We thought so much more of him even in the past. He’s back now, but his death was sudden, unexpected, and not all that amazing. He died in an elevator trying to save his daughter, whom he did save, but that was all. He was there and alive, and then he was not. That was all there was to it, and it was kind of disappointing to see it go down that way. We did want a lot more from this than what we got, and we didn’t like how it all went down in the grand scheme of things. We thought they could do better, but they didn’t give us the same courtesy, if we are being quite frank in terms of our speaking and our situation. We wanted more, and we didn’t get it. He was someone we wanted to see dominate the show and take on things in his own way, but we didn’t get that when he was killed before he was brought back.

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