Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail Confides in “Hope”

Days of Our Lives fans are so excited about things going down this last month of the year, but a lot of what is happening might not make that much sense. For one, we did get to see things taking a turn when Stefano and with Gina celebrating his return with a drink. We also have to say that we are a little bit saddened by most of this, since we thought that the man who played this man so well for so long was the only one who could do the job. He passed in 2017, and we don’t think it will be the same without him. However, we have to see things unfold as they are unfolding if we hope to get things accomplished in some capacity. John and Marlena are curious about this, and we think that they are going to go out of their way to find out if there is more to what is happening with this man.

Also, we did get to see that there was a lot going on with Justin and Kayla and the steps that they are looking to take in their relationship. Will they make the decision to do this, or will things turn out wrong for them? Also, we don’t know if there is anything that Ciara can do other than simply update Ben on what is gong on. She’s been working so hard to investigate this, and she’s not making as much sense as we might think she is on a daily basis. She’s got a lot happening, but at what expense? We can see things getting a little more exciting for her as she is in contact with Ben, but we don’t know if there is anything else they can do to get back to where they were a year ago.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

This should be a fun one.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Gabi is not much different a year later than she was when we first saw her lose her husband and change the lives of so many others. She might be dating Eli now, again, but that doesn’t mean she’s decided to become a good person and make the right choices. She’s not happy with Chad. She feels that he is out to get her, and she’s sure that he will find a way if he puts his mind to it. She knows him to be up to something, so she is sending Eli off to Rome to be sure that he cannot accomplish whatever it is that he is up to. She will have her boyfriend stop Chad at any cost, and we think that he will do it for her, too. There’s going to be more than a little drama here as things unfold, and we cannot wait to see more of it.

Furthermore, Abigail is going to talk to Hope. She has no idea it’s not Hope, but that’s all there is to it. She’s going to tell her that she feels that it was not Eve who pushed her mother and caused this all to go down. She feels that there is something else up with this, and that there is a situation that cannot be controlled outside of this, too. She’s got more going on that she cares to admit, but there is not much too much else we can do about that. on the final site, we hear that JJ is looking to find Kristin, and Lani is telling Abe she made a commitment.

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