Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Belle and Shawn Feel Guilty

Days of Our Lives fans are always excited about things that unfold in an unexpected manner, but we are just sitting here in awe of what Marlena is able to do when she speaks to someone who is in need of a person who gets it. Her decision to try and talk Claire down is something beautiful, and we can’t stop watching. She’s so together, and she always manages to say the right thing even when we are over here not really sure what is going on and why this is happening. But, for now, we have to sit here and realize that there is more to life than what we are seeing right now. She’s got to stop this girl from making the biggest mistake of her life. She’s made some mistakes that are pretty big already, but this is going to change the game if she goes through with it. She’s got her situation under control.

Eve isn’t happy with Jack right now, but when is she ever happy with anyone? She’s figured out his secret, that is he is keeping a secret, and she’s not all that amused by it. She’s not entirely in a place right now where she can make decisions and handle situations that are not her own doing. She’s going to have a lot more going on, but she’s going to ask him more than once what he is keeping from her. We can see, too, that whatever he is telling her is not working for her. She doesn’t believe it, she’s not falling for it, and she’s not there for it. For now, though, we think he’s under the impression that he managed to get her to fall for his line. It’s not true, though. She did not, and she will not, and that is not something we can deny.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

We love this.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Eric is about to make a shocking discovery that might change the world once and for all. Will he find out that there is a way to get Jack’s memory back without risking his health? Will he find out that Nicole is not alive and well but alive and being held captive while Kristin wears her face, or will he find out that there is a chance that there is something going on with Ted and Xander and that Kate is in danger because she knows it? We have no idea, but we know that whatever he is about to find out is going to be so exciting in so many ways. For one, we are going to find that this is a big deal, but we cannot wait to see which it is.

Then there’s Belle and Shawn. They are feeling guilty and horrible and no good about the way they’ve been living and treating their daughter for some time now, and they want to fix it. But, we aren’t sure they can fix it. They have so many other things to work through, and they are going to try and reassure her and make her feel better. They want to console her, but her life is going this way because she made these choices, and it’s not their job to try and make her feel like what she did was all right. In fact, we think they need to lay down the tough love on her right now no matter how guilty they feel having left her so long with Hope.

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