Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Claire Has A New Plan

Days of Our Lives fans know that nothing shocked Eric and Nicole more than finding his niece at their front door. Allie is in town — she’s been rapidly aged as they do in the soap world — and she’s got a big secret. She’s been begging her uncle and Nicole to tell no one what is going on in her life, and we are not even sure that Sami knows her daughter is pregnant and waiting on her own baby. After all, she’s essentially a baby herself. Right now, Allie is in some way, and things are not going well for her. This means that there will be some bigger issues to come. She spent most of this week at their house asking them to please say nothing to anyone about this, because she is just not certain how she plans on handling this or making this right in any capacity.

Then there is all that is going on otherwise. We know that Claire is working hard on finding herself the freedom that she needs and wants. Then she’s going to work on finding a way to get her life in order, and it’s going to be a situation that we cannot control. She’s got a lot going on right now, but she’s also working a little harder than usual to make sure things work for her. She’s got a new friend, but we are not sure we trust her new friend. She does not seem to be the kind of friend a girl like Claire really needs, but it’s working well for them. We are, however, anxious to see how it all works out when Jake realizes that Claire is who she is and that her new best friend is the ex he is looking to find. This could be interesting.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

We are talking about moms in Salem this weekend, so here you go.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

The end of the week is always exciting when things go down the way that they do. Ciara is going to ask Brady what he has up his sleeve, what his real intentions are, and what he is looking for in his life. He is not someone who cares at all about the way things are going, but he’s going to find a way to care in some capacity. He’s got a lot going for him, but he is also going to find a way to make sure it all works out. Allie is going to drop a huge shocking piece of news on Lucas. We imagine she’s about to tell him that she is pregnant and having a baby of her own — and that she doesn’t want the baby she is carrying.

Claire is going to get out of Bayview and work her way back into the life she once lived in Salem. We don’t for one second believe she is fine and ready to re-integrate her way back into real life, but there have been more dastardly things going on around here that have people a little more worried than this. Then there is Xander, who is going to see Jack. He needs advice. What should he do about Sarah? He wants to be with her, she doesn’t want to be with him, and there is nothing he can do. What does he think that Jack will tell him to do in this situation? We aren’t entirely sure, but he is looking, and he is hellbent on finding a way to get what he needs from this one.

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