Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Everything Has Changed

Days of Our Lives fans were left at the end of the week with a lot of shock and some confusion. The show left the fans that have been watching for so long in the dark with a total fastforward more than a year. There are so many changes, someone is going to need some time to explain this to us, and we are so behind on what all happened. It was a big week with all the wedding excitement and whatnot, but this was also a week with a lot of heartbreak and sadness in terms of so many other things. We don’t know that we can feel our hearts break anymore for Lani and Eli than they did last week. We don’t know if Jennifer is all right after what happened. We don’t know what will happen to Gabi in her life now that she’s so hurt and upset and so determined to make Lani miserable.

We simply don’t know so many things. We don’t know what to expect, how to expect it, or what might happen in the near future, and we don’t know what to expect now that nearly a year of everyone’s lives has gone out of the window. It’s shocking to all of us in so many ways, and we do get that. We get that we might not get the answers we want, like what is going to happen to Kristin’s baby and how will Nicole decide to go forward with the truth she knows about Sarah carrying Eric’s baby and not telling him? We might not get to see how it all happened, but you can be that we will see just a bit of what is going down as answers start to roll in as the new year of this show starts off.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

This looks like a great line up.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

It turns out the world is a completely different place today, and that’s because it’s a year in the future. We can expect to learn so many things, but nothing that we can be sure of just yet. We do know that Jennifer is going to be all right as we hear she will be happy to be with her daughter, her daughter’s husband, and her grandchildren again. We know Jack is all right because we hear he is going to share with Jen that the person who pushed her and caused her to fall is in prison. We know that Sarah’s baby drama did not end like we all thought it might — but we are very excited to find out how it all ended. Did she have the baby? Did she tell Eric, or did anyone tell him? Did she marry Xander and have the baby as his?

And we hear that we will find Ben with a new friend. So, that leaves us with the last big piece of information we have, which is that there is a shocking twist to the situation. Someone died, and we will all be very surprised who died and how it happened. But we have no idea who it is, to be completely honest. We are just going to have to turn on the television, watch what happens and come back with some information as we acclimate ourselves to this newfound year in the future situation we aren’t so sure about. It’s intriguing, but will viewers be happy with this?

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