Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kayla Shares Bad News

Days of Our Lives fans are on the fence about what we feel is happening right now. Is Xander the one to blame for what happened to Maggie? Did he cause all of this to happen with his horrible things and his ways? We don’t know that he did, but he did not help. He is the reason that Maggie is literally going postal. He is the reason that she cannot handle things right now. He is the reason that she is in this situation. Remembering that she did this to Adrienne and that she took this woman’s life was crushing for Maggie. To learn that not only did that happen while she was still processing things, but to learn that she was indirectly responsible for the death of Sarah and Eric’s baby, too? And that Xander and her own husband took someone else’s baby and gave it to her and lied?

It was too much, and now Xander is paying for it. He could not be the one who let her find out from a different person that this all happened. He had to tell her himself, and that did not go well at all. He had to share with her. He visited and told her, but it didn’t go well. Things didn’t work out for her, but they also didn’t work out for him when she slapped him. But, the biggest issue now is that he spent the beginning of this week rushing to her side to save her and to make it all right when this happened. She’s a danger to herself right now. She cannot handle this, and her conversation with Sarah didn’t make things right. It didn’t make anyone happy. It didn’t make this situation better. All things fell through the bottom, and he has to fix it.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

We still just love this so much.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

This is going to be a week that just keeps on with the bad news. Now it’s Kayla’s turn to share bad news with a few people. She’s a doctor, so she’s not unaccustomed to doing this, but it’s not easy for her, either. She’s got to focus on things that are going her way, but she struggles with those things sometimes. She’s got some big things to deal with, and that’s a problem that she has to take up with some people today. Right now, she’s in the hospital delivering some news to Sonny and to Justin. And we have a feeling that this news has to do with Maggie. We know that she is in a dark place right now, and that she’s a danger to herself.

But, there are other things going on, too. For one, we know there are some rumors that the death of Adrienne might not be all that it seems. For one, we hear she will be back. Second, we also know that Orpheus and Rolf and all those people have some things going on behind the scenes that we are unsure of. What might this be? We don’t know entirely, but we know that things are not always as they seem around here, and that this means that some people might have some bigger issues to deal with. Either way, we know she is sharing some ugly news with them, and we know she’s not entirely happy about it, either. How will they react to what she has to share?

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