10 Things You Don’t Know About Days of Our Lives’ Kristian Alfonso

Days of Our Lives fans have a special love for the lovely Kristian Alfonso. She’s known on the show as Hope, and she’s someone who has been around a while. She’s someone who has been through so much, but she’s always managed to overcome all that bothers her. She has a lot to learn, but she’s always willing to have an open mind – but don’t think she won’t protect herself first and foremost in every situation if that’s what it takes. She’s someone who makes the most of every situation, and she’s not going to give up on the people she loves the most. But that’s Hope. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Kristian Alfonso.

1. She’s Been Married Twice

She’s married to her husband, Danny Daggenhurst now, to whom she’s been married since 2001. That’s a million soap opera years. Before that, she was married for about four years to a man by the name of Simon Macauley. They were divorced in 1991.

2. Her First Job was Figure Skating

Before she became a daytime soap star, she was a successful figure skater. She was a gold-medalist, and she was a champion in the Junior Olympics. This made her one of the best in the world, and that’s something not many people get to say.

3. The End of Her Skating Career Was Tragic

She didn’t have a chance to become a full-fledged Olympian after a tragic accident ended her skating career when she was only 13. She was involved in an accident while tobogganing, and it changed her life forever. Her injuries left her unable to compete.

4. She Modeled Next

When it was apparent to her she’d never skate professionally again, she decided to take her career in another direction. By the time she was only 15, she was able to say she’d been on the cover of more than 30 magazines. That includes famous ones like Harper’s Bazaar and even Vogue. Now that’s something impressive.

5. She’s a Mom

Kristian Alfonso is the mother of three. She has a son from her first marriage, a son from her second marriage, and she has a stepson from her second marriage. She’s not a girl mom, and her two biological children are a staggering 12 years apart.

6. She is a Business Woman

It was 2006 when she decided to create a jewelry line of her own. She calls is Hope Faith Miracles, and she sold the line on QVC for some time. You can still find some pieces in many locations, and that’s something her fans try to do when they find out she has a line.

7. She’s Been On Days for More than 30 Years

Did you know Kristian Alfonso has been appearing regularly as Hope for more than 30 years? She took on the role in 1983, and that means she’s been there approximately 35 years, though she’s taken some time off here and there. She’s been through a lot, and she was a supercouple with Bo Brady.

8. She’s Guest-Starred on Cool Shows

Hope is not only someone you’ve seen on Days. She was also on FRIENDS. Kristian Alfonso played her own character on the show when she was a guest star opposite Joey, and she had fun doing it. Of course, many Days characters have been on FRIENDS since Joey was an actor on the show in the show.

9. She’s Been on Other Cool Shows

Melrose Place, Full House, and Baywatch are just a few of the other shows on which she’s had a starring role for an episode. She loves to do this job, and she’s taken it as many places as she can. It’s kind of cool to see a familiar face here and there, too.

10. She’s Very Charitable

She spends a lot of time working with her favorite charities, and you can often see her on social media promoting the ones that mean the most to her. If knowing she gives back doesn’t make you love her more than you already do, what’s stopping you? She’s one of the coolest women on television, and we love that about her. Get with the program and learn more about her when you have a chance, and maybe support a cause.

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