Days of Our Lives: Rafe Worries About Hope’s Feelings

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t all that excited that Rafe and Hope seem to be going through more than a few issues of their own. We know that this couple has a lot on their plate right now, but what can we do about that? They are in the middle of planning their wedding, but she seems to find every reason imaginable to avoid choosing a date. It’s not working well for anyone. He doesn’t feel that she’s serious about getting married, and he has every right to feel that way.

He has every right after she made it so difficult for him to even get engaged to her. She was reluctant about the entire situation. He feels she’s not setting a date because she feels unsure about it. And she is unsure. She’s not sure how to focus on her life after all that’s gone on in her life. She’s not doubtful of her relationship with Rafe, but she’s doubtful of taking things too quickly in this moment.

Will this put an end to their marriage in the future? Will they even get married? Will they spend the rest of their lives focused on things they cannot control? Will she let her focus on her job come between her and Rafe? We don’t know, but we do get the feeling that he is somewhat more into her than she is into him. And that is never a good thing. What will happen now that he’s questioning her about what’s happening?

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