Dead Set: Meet The Contestants of Big Brother UK!


The phenomenal UK horror show Dead Set is finally here in the States and will run all next week on IFC. God Bless them for bestowing this show on US audiences in it’s purest form, because I doubt any other channel could’ve done it justice.

Go here for a synopsis and trailers for the show, but let me introduce you to the remaining Big Brother UK houseguests, the production staff, and the civilians who will battle the undead all next week on Dead Set.

The Production Staff


Kelly (Jamie Winstone) – A production assistant for the show, Kelly’s job is to make sure that everyone is happy no matter how much they stress her out. Too bad that she has to protect those who she can’t stand after the zombies come a’callin.


Patrick (Andy Nyman)– The epitome of a slimebag producer. This guy only thinks for himself and will sacrifice anyone, and I do mean anyone, to save his own neck. Figuratively and literally.

The Host


Davina McCall (Herself)– The host of every regular Big Brother UK season since it’s inception, Davina is a household name in the UK in the veins of American Idol‘s Ryan Seacrest and our very own Big Brother host Julie Chen. It’s Eviction Night at the Big Brother house and the only thing Davina cares about is not being bumped by the news about the national disaster heading their way. Too bad she got her wish, which turns out to be a deadly one.

The Contestants


Pippa (Kathleen McDermott) – Considered a complete blonde ditz to the housemates (and the general public), Pippa has at least one admirer in fellow housemate Space, who is sad to see her up for eviction. When Pippa is the one evicted, she is excited to have her 15 mintes of fame extended a bit. In the UK, Eviction Night on Big Brother is a party, but tonight it just might be Pippa’s swan song from this world as well when the crowd is attacked by the undead. Space should’ve let Pippa know how he felt before she exited those doors…


Marky (Warren Brown)– The jokester and resident punk of the house. Marky’s showmance with Veronica is gossip fodder for the fans and the housemates as well, but he’s the bane of the resident cross-dresser Grayson’s existence and causes most of the conflict in the house. Juvenile in nature, will the zombie apocalypse bring some sense of responsibility to Marky, the childlike idiot?


Space (Adam Deacon)– The only serious one of the group, Space thinks the show is a big joke and wonders what the hell he’s even doing there in the first place. Then he sees Pippa and it all makes sense to him. After Pippa leaves, Space thinks it’s time to give it up on the game, especially with all the stupid bickering from Grayson and Marky. He better be glad that fate placed him in the Big Brother house, because it’s (unfortunately) the last safe place in the U.K. For now.


Veronica (Beth Cordingley)– The diva of the house, who uses her body as a persuasion tool to keep her in the game. The showmance between her and Marky works for her in more ways than staying power, with one aspect being a shield from the disgusting housemate Joplin aka “Gollum,” who glares lustfully in Veronica’s direction any chance he gets. Ehh… But when the zombies arrive outside the Big Brother house, Veronica has a new problem: Is there anyone else left in the world watching them on TV or not?


Angel (Chizzy Akudolu) – The mouthpiece and co-gossiper of the house, Angel claims to “tell it like it is” with her cohort in crime Grayson. Other than sticking up for Grayson, whining about the dishes, and rolling her eyes at the ignorance around her, Angel is all about having a good laugh, which will be good if the zombies are looking for a good joke.


Grayson (Raj Ghatak) – The ruling favorite BB Housemate Grayson is all about the controversy as he dresses up as a female from time to time, making him a target for Marky’s pranks and hateful comments. Before gearing up for Big Brother, Grayson was a nurse in the outside world, which could possibly come in handy when the zombies arrive. Although, anything zombie related probably won’t be curable, especially with Grayson’s bedside manner.


Joplin (Kevin Eldon) – The old, perverted man in the house, Joplin is highly out of his element and is an anomaly when it comes to his stay in the game. Given the nickname “Gollum” by his housemates, Joplin balks at the stupidity that is Pippa, drools over the sexiness that is Veronica, and gripes about the state of the world. In short, he’s a thorn in a lot of people’s sides, but he must be doing something good to remain in the house. When the zombie horde shuts down production of the show, will Joplin become a big help or will he become a true Gollum and betray the group?

The Civilians


Riq (Riz Ahmed) – Kelly’s significant other who has no clue of his girlfriend’s recent journey into adultery, and that he’s in the center of the zombie apocalypse overtaking the U.K. Luckily when Riq gets hipped to the game, he runs into Alex, a woman who has a car and a rifle, which makes her the ideal ally in light of recent events. Now all the two need is shelter, and Riq has a destination in mind.


Alex (Liz May Brice) – After seeing her loved ones torn to shreds by the undead, Alex didn’t hesitate to pack heat and haul ass for safety. When she comes across Riq the delivery boy, Alex is sort of glad to find companionship. However, Alex doesn’t need anyone to slow her down and will leave Riq in a second flat. She is the one with the gun, after all…

Who will survive the zombie onslaught? Or will the Housemates take each other out in the process? Find out next week and return to TVOvermind for complete coverage of the show.

Dead Set premieres Monday, Oct 25, 2010 only on IFC.


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