What Was the Deal With the Bizarre Rat Commercial During Last Night’s Walking Dead?

There’s a lot to talk about with last night’s Walking Dead mid-season finale, but I want to highlight something that happened during one of the commercial breaks. Naturally, I didn’t see this live because my DVR has allowed me to not watch a TV commercial for about the last five years, but I was sent the above video and have to admit it would have been pretty weird to behold.

If you can excuse the crappy quality (no other copies exist at present) you’ll see various people getting freaked out by a sudden appearance of rats in very public places. While places like NYC have to deal with rats normally, this would be excessive, even for them. And the text you can’t read? It says “He is here.”

Many were wondering if it had something to do with the rat-focus on The Walking Dead itself, but I’m pretty sure it’s something else. Rather, I believe it to be a viral commercial for the Guillermo Del Toro produced “The Strain” on FX. It’s a new vampire horror show where their sudden presence drives rats out of the sewers and into the public eye. “He is here” may refer to the uber-vampire. That’s as good a guess as I have, though it’s a bit weird the commercial would be on FX-rival AMC during their most popular show, but I suppose there could be alternate explanations as well. I’d love to hear them.


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