Defying Gravity Gets New CTV Timeslot in Canada

"But...we've already shot the episodes...why would they cancel us?"

"But...we've already shot the episodes...why would they cancel us?"

The summer space series Defying Gravity is a show that I have been enjoying quite a bit over the past few weeks. However, despite my love of this series, and its centering on the lives of these astronaut’s exploring our solar system, it seems that none of the rest of you are watching it…at all. News broke a few days ago that Canada’s CTV will be moving the series to Friday night’s in Canada, which seems to be a dreaded sci-fi dumping ground. So what will ABC do with this great little series? Your guess is as good as mine (and the folks over at TVbythenumbers).

For those of you that are fans of the show, hold strong, because the show hasn’t been canceled yet. The good news is that the entire first season (12 episodes) has already been filmed, so at the very least it seems like we’ll get to see it on DVD if ABC cancels it. However, the terrible ratings can’t be ignored, and normally you’d have to assume ABC would move it somewhere else in its schedule. Saturdays would be a good place to park it for another few weeks, which is a similar strategy that NBC followed with Kings this summer when it aired the remainder of its first season. The only problem is that College Football will be starting back up before Defying Gravity ends, so Saturdays seem less likely. Friday are already out of the question for ABC, because the reruns they’re showing Friday night are already beating the new episodes of Defying Gravity (I know, I told you the ratings were bad!). For us fans out here we can only hope that ABC will hold fast and keep Defying Gravity on Sunday night’s until the first season has played out. But regardless of whether we finish watching it on ABC, or on DVD sometime in the future, you can be sure you won’t be seeing a season 2 of this show.

Source: TVbythenumbers


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