Desperate Housewives 6.08 “The Coffee Cup” Recap

So last night’s DH was all about… Passion. And how it can get you in a heap load of trouble. Plus, a plot twist (or red herring) was thrown at us last night… And the running motif this week was a place called the Coffee Cup.

Susan vs. Katherine ’09

Susan has her day in court and after some prodding by Katherine to the judge, she is given community service, which consists of Susan picking up trash on the side of the road. Orange jumpsuit and all. Katherine drives by one day to mess with Susan, but Susan isn’t phased. So Katherine throws a plastic cup in front of Susan for her to pick up. She drives off and Susan’s supervisor exclaims that Katherine could get in trouble for that, wishing he could have gotten her license plate. Susan gives him one better: Katherine’s house address. Round One goes to Susan.

Soon Katherine is out there picking trash with Susan, but can’t take the heat and breaks down. She admits defeat in the war over Mike if she is in orange picking up trash. If that was the case then, Katherine, I could have had something set up soon for you to gain your sanity back. Susan doesn’t buy Katherine’s white flag, but Katherine looks genuine. Then Katherine reveals that she doesn’t know where she will find a man like Mike, who can have sex five times a day. Susan mouth drops and she calls Katherine on her lie. Except Katherine isn’t lying. Seeing that she might have something that Susan doesn’t, Katherine regains her resolve with gusto. Round Two goes to Katherine.

Susan tries her damnedest to beat Katherine’s record with Mike, who doesn’t know where Susan is getting her libido from. When Mike finally says that his body is out of service in the horizontal mambo department, Susan thinks that it’s because he is more attracted to Katherine and that sex with Susan is a “chore”. She then reveals the talk she and Katherine had and Mike explains the truth. Yes, he and Katherine went at it five times in one day, but that’s because they were trapped in a cabin without anything else to do, but keep each other warm. Talk was limited and Mike explains that sex was all that he and Katherine had. But with Susan, he has the world and then some. Nice save, Mike. Susan wins the final round of the night. Even if I think Mike’s story is kind of a crock…

Orson vs. Karl: Bree’s Dilemma

Bree takes Karl to the opera, Madame Butterfly, but Karl is more interested in sex since the No Sex For 30 Days Rule has grown old for him. When Bree returns home, Orson is drinking wine and listening to the latest recording of Madame Butterfly, which hits a spot for both of them. Bree breaks the spell by announcing that she is going to bed. Later, Angie stops by to see if Bree is home, but finds a depressed Orson listening to Madame Butterfly and drinking again. He tells Angie that he thinks Bree is having an affair, which Angie balks at. Clearly, Angie didn’t pay attention last week. Angie defends Bree’s morals, but Orson declares that if Bree is having an affair that he might end up doing something stupid in retaliation. He then asks Angie to watch Bree while he’ gone out of town that weekend.

Angie tells Bree what Orson told her and Bree freaks and calls Karl to speed up the divorce. Angie watches Bree from inside Bree’s kitchen, noticing something’s up. Later, Karl arrives on Bree’s doorstep unannounced and Bree pulls him in. Angie spots this from next door. Karl tells Bree that he found away to get rid of Orson. Since Orson is still on parole, if he is caught talking to a felon then his parole is revoked and back in the can he goes. The two celebrate by engaging in sex. Angie spies on the two and sees Orson pull up outside, clearly hellbent on finding Bree in a compromising position. Angie calls Bree, who takes forever to answer the phone. Orson spots wine for two on the table and knows something is up. Angie finally reaches Bree and tells her the jig is up and to hide Karl. When Orson does walk in on Bree, she plays it off perfectly, but he asks about the wine, which is when Angie shows up to save the day. After Orson leaves, Angie reveals that she saved Bree’s ass for Orson’s sake. Bree tries to explain the pros and cons of both men, but Angie says if Karl is so good in bed then why does she hold on to Orson. Bree declares simply that Orson loves the opera. For those slow like me, that’s code for Orson has class… Interesting…

Lynette vs. Gaby: The Battle of the Mothers!

Lynette is now showing in the belly department, which results to her wearing Tom’s clothes. Lynette wants to close a big deal with Terrence Henderson, a coworker at work, so that Lynette can break the news of her pregnancy easily to Carlos and for Terrence to take over her position while she is on leave. Meanwhile, Gaby tries to bribe the priest of the Catholic school that Carlos tried to get Juanita into. The priest says that the list is still long and that Gaby and family hasn’t been attending mass on a regular basis, which also hurts their chances. After Lynette, Carlos, and Terrence close their deal for the new Florida office of the company, Lynette tries to sale Terrence as a damn good worker. Meanwhile, Gaby tells Carlos that a nice donation might could get Juanita a spot on the list, but Carlos has his mind on finding someone to run the office branch. After conversing with Terrence, Gaby finds out that Terrence’s daughter is in the second grade and attends the same Catholic school that Juanita could get into. Ding Dong! Problem solved for Gaby, but time for damage control for Lynette. After unsuccessfully trying to get Carlos to keep Terrence in Fairview, Lynette takes matters into her own hands.

Lynette and Tom tag team on Terrence and his wife, Crystal, with “pros and cons”, which eventually leads Terrence to not accept the job. Problem solved for Lynette, but damage control for Gaby, who finds out via the priest at the church. Gaby goes to Lynette after talking to Crystal, who revealed that Lynette was the one who helped change their mind. Lynette only tells Gaby that she just needs Terrence here, but doesn’t say why. When Lynette gets frustrated, Gaby goes in for a hug, but feels the babies kick. Lynette finally comes clean to Gaby, but the celebration is short lived when Gaby realizes Lynette’s treachery. Feeling disgusted, Gaby leaves with ill feelings for Lynette.

The next day at the office, Carlos stops by Lynette’s office and she asks if he talked to Gaby Carlos says no, but that he wanted to tell Lynette that he wants her to run the Florida office. Lynette thinks this is a joke and shows Carlos that she’s pregnant. Carlos says that’s fine, but that he still wants her to run the Florida office. Lynette turns it down, but Carlos declares that he needs Lynette in Florida and not there in Fairview. Not anymore, that is… Lynette says that Carlos can’t fire her for being pregnant, which Carlos claims is not the deal. He says that he is simply offering Lynette a promotion, which she can either accept or quit. He then congratulates Lynette and I officially stamp EPIC FAIL beside Carlos’s name on my ‘Ish List (which is going to be posted soon. I promise.)

Angie vs. Nic’s Libido

Julie runs into Angie at The Coffee Cup and the confrontation gets a little snippy and ends with Angie demanding that Julie pay for java. Angie later sees Nic there and the waitress, Emily, flirtatiously wiping crumbs off Nic’s shirt. After being called to the back by her coworker/manager, Angie confronts Nic and tells him that she want’s heroic Nic back, not jerk face Nic. Later, while Emily is blowing someone off on the phone, Nic is the last customer to leave, but before he does, he makes an extremely cryptic call to someone asking for clemency for Angie I am assuming, but that he is “coming in”. Nic gets testy when he thinks Emily was eavesdropping, but she says that she really is trying to close up. After Nic leaves, Emily cleans everything and heads to the door to lock it, but someone comes in. Clearly knowing the person, Emily asks if they left anything and then the person proceeds to strangle her and this time it looks like The Strangler has his first murder victim.

So what do you guys think?

Well, I think I solved the mystery of the strangler. But it’s not who you would suspect. Read about it in my article that breaks down the reasons why I stand by my belief until further notice.


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