Dexter season 5 casting news, spoilers

Julia Stiles and Shawn Hatosy have now both be confirmed by Showtime that they will appear in the fifth season of Dexter, with both these castings inspiring thoughts of some of my favourite movies from the late 90s (10 Things I Hate About You and The Faculty) and making me wonder where Stiles has been since the last Bourne instalment. Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive on both castings and has vague descriptions of who they will be playing:

Shawn Hatosy is making a pit stop in Miami before returning to Southland: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Hatosy has booked a multi-episode arc on Dexter.

A Showtime rep declined to divulge details on his character, but a recent Dexter casting call may offer a clue: The drama was seeking a thirtysomething actor to play the recurring role of a no-nonsense FBI agent. UPDATE: So much for my FBI theory. A source close to the show tells me that Hatosy is playing ‘a bad guy.’

This marks the second major piece of casting for Dexter‘s upcoming fifth season. As I reported last month, Julia Stiles is also joining the cast as a mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship with Dexter.


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