Dexter Season 7 Trailer Released


When we last saw Dexter (Michael C. Hall) he was caught red-handed (literally) by his sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), knife in hand buried in the chest of Travis Marshall. Oops. Of course all of this in the wake of Deb getting the whole creepy love thing on for her adopted bro, so will her twisted devotion to Dexter keep him from being discovered, and will Deb be one of the few people with full knowledge of his activities to walk free? If you pay attention to the dialogue in the new trailer above you’ll find that these certainly seems to be some of the very questions Dexter‘s PR team is hoping will draw you back for season 7.

The more you think about Dexter‘s situation, the more complicated things get. For one, let’s not forget that Dexter framed Doakes as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Not only will the search for the Bay Harbor Butcher reignite, but Deb will also have to weigh Dexter‘s involvement in setting up a fellow Police Officer. The fact that we know Dexter didn’t kill Doakes really doesn’t do him much good. The re-opening of the Bay Harbor Butcher case is going to bring renewed scrutiny to Miami Metro. Nobody likes to be wrong, and since the Bay Harbor Butcher is a serial killer you can count on FBI involvement in the case.

Consider this also: Season 7 is the penultimate season of Dexter, with the series coming to a controlled end in Season 8. There’s every reason to think that some of the elements of Dexter‘s conclusion will be set up in this Season. All the more reason to watch every episode very carefully. Dexter season 7 premieres Sun, Sept 30 at 9 PM ET/PT.

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