Dexter Season 8 Trailer Sets up The End-Game

We all know by now that season 8 is it for Dexter; the end.  Showtime has released some key art and a trailer that seems to suggest at least one possible endgame for TV’s favorite serial killer:  Deb vs Dexter.

If one thing is evident in this mix of footage from the upcoming season 8 premiere of Dexter is that the writers have put extensive work into laying out Deb’s breakdown.  This is a person who simply cannot live with what they have done, the total antithesis of Dexter himself, whose own nightmarish acts simply flow through his psyche as if it were a sieve.

And speaking of psyche’s, it also looks like the overarching case was developed specifically for this season;  kind of a series catharsis in a way:  a serial killer whose acts leave corpses devoid of the parts of the brain that most sociopaths are born without anyways.  Is this killer mocking the very state of mind that allows them to function, or could this be the act of a person sending a specific message to Dexter Morgan?

June 30th is the day when we will begin to learn the specifics.



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