‘Dexter’s Rita Gets ‘Desperate’

The last time we saw Julie Benz, she was lying dead in a bathtub full of blood. That’s because her character, Rita Morgan (Dexter’s wife) was killed by Dexter’s nemesis the Trinity Killer in the season four finale of Dexter. It was a rather bloody affair, and a shocking one at that. But don’t think that this counts Julie Benz out of television — she’s rebounding right from that gruesome death into a role in one of ABC’s most-watched series, Desperate Housewives. As a stripper.

Yes, folks, there is life after death.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Benz will appear on Desperate Housewives for at least three episodes, and that she’ll first start appearing in February. Her character’s name is Debbie, a “stripper with a heart of gold.” She also has a Masters’ Degree in Education. So when housewife Susan gives Debbie a chance to get a more respectable job (presumably as a teacher), Debbie excitedly agrees.

There have also been film reports of Susan learning some stripping moves, perhaps hinting that Debbie will try and pay back Susan’s kindness in helping her find a job by teaching her how to striptease.

It’s quite a change from Dexter‘s Rita, of course, but as Benz is a terrific actress, she is sure to pull of the role well. It’s a pity that she won’t return to Dexter (as her character is quite certainly and unequivocably dead), but we’ll settle just to see her on television anywhere.

Housewives returned from its winter hiatus on Sunday night with the episode “If…” and will return next week with the episode “You Gotta Get a Gimmick.”

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