Did You Know You Can Get Paid to Watch Disney+?

Props to Michael Hein from PopCulture for getting people excited about actually getting paid to watch Disney+, but before you get too excited keep in mind that very things in this world come without a cost and in this case it could be that only five out of however many people that might want to do this will be selected. Of course it’d be a great perk for a lot of people to earn an extra thousand dollars to simply watch TV and movies and then write a review. There’s some signing up to do of course and a good deal of luck to be had in order to be one of the five that gets selected, and you’ll have to be a serious Disney fanatic as well, which isn’t too hard to find in this day and age. Honestly it sounds like a great deal for those that get selected, as they’ll not only get paid but will get a free popcorn maker and a few other items as well as a free year of Disney+ as well. So that’s enough motivation to get up and get online in order to try making the cut, right? Well, considering how much the service is already it’s not much of a hardship to pay unless you’re extraordinarily strapped for cash.

It does sound like a good idea to get paid for writing reviews and some people actually make a hobby of it or use such a thing as a second job to supplement the job they already have. It’s not exactly something you could get rich doing unless you happen to get lucky, but writing reviews for a site like Disney+ isn’t exactly something that seems like it would be long-term unless they’re looking for a small team of people to promote the site and make it known that they do have and are able to deliver quality content and therefore are worth checking out. I know, I know, as if anyone had to be told to check out anything that Disney puts out, right? But even the Mouse House needs representation now and again since this a big part of any major company and a reason why smaller companies survive, they get the word out and they use others to do it. The price seems kind of cheap in a sense considering all the press that these five individuals could drum up for the company if they’re good enough at what they do, but then the rich didn’t get that way by giving away their money just because someone wanted more.

That aside, this seems like a temporary gig and as a result it’s not something you would think might pull down the kind of money that a person could live on unless someone in the right position noticed and happened to think that someone in this small group had something they could put to use. That’s rare, and not always that possible, but it has been seen to happen in the past. In this case though it would seem that Disney is looking for five talented writers to utilize for a short time in order to get the site going since they’re going to be given early access to the site so as to gauge just what’s there to be seen. This almost seems like it would become a full-time job for the next couple of weeks, and like I said, the price is kind of cheap, especially depending on where a person is from. But that’s still neither here nor there as a lot of people might be willing to take the experience as something they can build on and possibly add to the ol’ resume later on. A lot of people would count this as a win and I personally don’t blame them since when it comes to a job you work to get paid and in some cases you take what’s given and say thank you. Would I ever try for this? Nope, not in a million years, as the only writing job I’d ever take from Disney would be that of a novelist, screenwriter, or someone that writes for them in a professional capacity. But that’s coming from someone that’s been through the hardships of having to do reviews, busy work, and the kind of scraping the bottom crap to get where I’m at now. For anyone else that is just looking for some extra cash this would be a good deal, especially if they have young kids at home that love Disney.

I tend to rag on Disney a lot and make it known that their continual expansion and inability to keep from nabbing everything they have a shot at is kind of annoying, but like anyone else I can’t deny that they know how to make money, and how to get people excited.

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