10 Things You Didn’t Know about Diego Martir

Diego Martir

Diego Martir isn’t your typical ‘celebrity’. Most people probably have never even heard of him. But in the world of Instagram influencers, Diego Martir is one of the cool kids. In just about a year, he’s managed to go from a ‘normal’ user, to someone with over a million followers.  He is especially popular among teen girls who can’t get enough of his curly hair and abs. So far, he doesn’t seem to be using his social media stardom to break into the entertainment industry, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he eventually pursued a modeling career. As with most overnight celebrities, his sudden ‘fame’ has people wanting to know more about him. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Diego Martir.

1. He’s From Wisconsin

No shade to Wisconsin, but this is probably one of the last states on most people’s radar. I mean, outside of Milwaukee, can you even name another city in the state? Probably not. But Diego Martir might just be the person to put the state on the map. He was born in Wisconsin although he eventually relocated to New Jersey.

2. He Has A Crush On Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is one of the biggest pop stars in the game right now. She’s also Diego Martir’s biggest celebrity crush. Martir confessed that he finds the singer very attractive during an interview with Hollywire. He even paid someone $50 to photoshop a picture of the two of them together. He posted the picture on his Instagram in hopes of getting Camila’s attention, but unfortunately his plan didn’t work.

3. He Went Through A Public Breakup

Breakups are hard enough when you’re a ‘regular’ person, but having to explain the end of your relationship to more than a million people is a completely different ball game. Diego Martir has already gone through this experience after he and his ex-girlfriend, Desiree Montoya, parted ways. In March 2019, Diego posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining why the couple broke up. For those of you who have 0 interest in watching the video here’s the TLDW version: he ended the relationship because of constant arguing.

4. He’s Dating Another Popular Person On Instagram

Diego’s breakup with Desiree is officially last year’s news. He has officially moved on. His new bae is Lauren Kettering. She may not have as big a social media following as Diego, but her 145,000 Instagram followers are certainly nothing to sneeze at. The couple’s relationship seems to be very solid and they both like showing each other off on social media.

5. He Isn’t The Only Social Media Celeb In His Family

Diego Martir may be the first social media celebrity in his family, but he isn’t the only one. His younger sister, Ainara has two Instagram accounts with a combined following of about 70,000 people. There’s no doubt that Ainara’s adorable baby face (she’s literally a baby) and her relation to Diego have helped launch her social media popularity.

6. He Used To Play Soccer

Diego loves to play soccer and considers himself a pretty good player. Soccer was actually his favorite thing to do in his free time before his life became dominated by social media. He doesn’t have much time to play anymore but hopefully he picks it back up again.

7. His Dream Car Is A Minivan

What does Diego Martir have in common with 40-year-old soccer moms? The fact that his dream car is a minivan. These vans may not be the most glamorous vehicles on the market, but they’re definitely one of the most practical. Diego loves minivans because he thinks it would be great to be able to fit his friends and family into one car when they go on trips.

8. He Loves Finding Nemo

Most teenage boys probably wouldn’t consider Finding Nemo one of their favorite movies, but Diego Martir is full of surprises. The now classic Disney/Pixar movie is among his favorites. He also really loves a Spongebob movie that he can’t seem to remember the name of. His choice in movies goes to show that under all of the selfies and social media influence, Diego is really still just a kid at heart.

9. He Doesn’t Like When Girls Call Him Bro

Bro is one of the most popular terms of endearment at the moment. However, Diego Martir is not a fan of girls he’s interested in calling him bro. During his interview with Hollywire, he said that once he hears a girl refer to him as bro, he instantly feels like he’s been put in the friend zone.

10. His Shirtless Pics Made Him Famous

Diego Martir’s rise through the Instagram ranks happened so quickly that lots of people are wondering how he did it. According to him, the answer is very simple: shirtless pics. Diego told Hollywire that although he was nervous about posting his first shirtless pic, he quickly realized that his followers loved it.

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