The Dirty Dancing Edition of He-Man and Skeletor

He-Man and Skeletor must have gone to counseling sometime in the past since re-enacting the final scene from Dirty Dancing was one of the last things I would have ever seen them doing together. It’s poetic in a way, but also kind of disturbing. The first disturbing part is that He-Man is walking around in his full, um, full, well……

Sorry, had to stop laughing long enough to really get this out.

He-Man is walking around in his battle gear, let’s face it there’s nothing full about it, on the hunt for Skeletor. Once he enters the bar he finds the blue-skinned, skull-faced fiend at the bar, as though he’s been waiting for him. As Skeletor rises He-Man points his blade at the jukebox and a bolt of power arcs from the tip to the box, slamming it forcefully against the wall and changing the selection.

Cue the music. As Time of My Life begins to play from the juke box He-Man holds out his sword in his left hand, the intent obvious.  A willing woman steps forward as he rests it upon her forearms. The next thing we hear is the unfortunate female toppling to the floor under the weight of the immense blade. And then, cue the dance.

He-Man then takes Skeletor’s hand and dips him backward, spinning him only a moment later before breaking into perfect step with one another. Images of Dirty Dancing are going off in my head as I try to keep them there so as not to laugh too hard while writing this. Almost every movement is taken from the original movie and is executed in a brawny, sort of clunky way as the crowd finally gets into it and starts whooping and hollering for He-Man and Skeletor to continue.

Sigh. I really didn’t know whether to laugh or to hide my eyes at first. Artistic expression being what it is this little nostalgic hit was kind of a good laugh towards the latter half of the day and made me smile at least. Two great pieces of pop culture coming together like this is usually something that’s fairly unpredictable and sometimes just plain awful, but it seems to get a reaction and that’s usually the main point of any presentation.

If this had been run when He-Man was still a popular kids cartoon then it might have raised a lot of eyebrows and had parents all over the country yelling foul, but here it’s just kind of whimsical and not too serious. In truth there’s nothing really wrong with other than the fact that it is pretty silly, but that’s not so much wrong as in bad, it’s simply wrong as in, “did they really just do that?”. It’s the kind of wrong that you claim when two things that normally wouldn’t go together are slapped into place without a hint of tact or sense.

And yet somehow you still laugh because deep down you know it’s funny and it’s too cool to really admit that it’s that cool. See? Oh well, it’s just that cool.


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