Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Name Thrown into the 2020 Presidential Race Mix

Earlier today we shared a video of Oprah entertaining the idea of running for President in 2020.   While her video seemed to be more “hopeful” than anything it certainly doesn’t mean she’s ruling it out.  However, another name has emerged for the Democratic ticket.  And this name is apparently serious about it.  The name is none other than Bob Iger, CEO of Disney.

THR’s sources note that Iger has consulted with Michael Bloomberg, who served as Mayor of New York City for 10 years without previously holding public office. “Regardless of who is on the Democratic ticket in 2020,” says Ellen Goldsmith-Vein of Gotham Group, “I expect Hollywood to rally around the candidate in a way that far eclipses 2016 given the industry’s distaste for Trump’s presidency.”

There’s an issue however.  If Iger runs for President, who will run Disney?  As of right now there’s no apparent heir to run the company.  Iger was quoted as saying last summer, a lot of people — a lot — have urged me to seek political office” but he wouldn’t confirm if he’d actually run.

I still have to mention a big elephant in the room here.  Iger is Jewish.  It’s time we actually bring that to light.  Same as Bernie Sanders.  As much as I would love for the Presidential race to not be about gender, race, or religious affiliation we still haven’t had a woman President and we’ve never had a Jewish President.  Barack Obama tore down the wall on having an African American President but you see what happened when his tour ended.

Being a fellow Jew, I would have loved nothing more than to see a Bernie Sanders or a Michael Bloomberg be the President but I still think that unfortunately our country is still way way behind when it comes to seeing a woman or a Jewish President.  As sad as that is, I unfortunately believe it to be true.  Obviously this wouldn’t be true if we used the popular vote but as long as the Electoral college exists, it’s gonna be tough – and even tougher when this administration makes voting 100 times more difficult for people they don’t want voting at all.

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