Disney Streaming Services Are Already Worth Over $100 Billion

This doesn’t really sound all that surprising since it’s Disney, people expect the Mouse House to make money as it’s been doing for a long while now. Disney has been a household name for generations now and to think that it might tank is laughable. But as Ryan Scott of MovieWeb reminds us the streaming game is a marathon, not a sprint, which is wise advice even for the Mouse House since despite being worth over $100 billion, which again isn’t all that surprising, they’re still facing a lot of upcoming competitors that would love to take that spot away from them and are doing everything they can to develop one property after another to take it. Netflix is still a giant as they’re worth around $156 billion and they’re not going anywhere for a handful of reasons, one of them being that they’ve been around long enough and know how to play the game. The other of course is that they’ve got enough original content coming out on a regular basis that they’ve still managed to keep people entertained and intrigued as to what they’ll be releasing in a short while. This is where Disney+ really needs to get on the ball since The Mandalorian has been their one big number that has kept people around since November, and once the season ended people started a mass exodus that hasn’t hurt the streaming service but is still fairly troubling since it indicates that people are still looking elsewhere.

The downside of streaming of course, from a business perspective, is that everyone is going to want to get in on the action and sooner or later the market is going to become saturated as it’s already becoming. Every possible company that can throw their hat in the ring with enough clout to make some noise has been doing so and for Disney+, which has unveiled a lot of old content that people have seen and new content that people don’t really know about unless they venture onto the site, it’s time to start pushing some of the ideas that we’ve been hearing so much about in order to get people to stick around. WandaVision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, and many other shows that are being planned are still a little ways off but are making their way to the streaming service eventually, but one has to wonder if they’re going to be in time since a lot of other networks are unveiling their best shows as well this year and it’s going to come down to what people really want to watch and what they’re willing to pay for.

Disney+ has a competitive price even with the bundle of ESPN and Hulu, but it’s their content that’s still lacking since site such as Amazon, Netflix, and HBO that have been up and running for quite some time before the network arrived have taken matters into hand when it comes to securing shows and movies that can benefit them the most and even bringing things in-house as much as possible and hiring up some of the best talent around as they continue to churn out show after movie after show for the general public. At some point price will still be the issue but it will be who can provide more for what they’re charging. Right now Disney+ does have a good amount of content, but a lot of is the movies that they took back from Netflix and many others that people have seen but might only watch when they’re feeling nostalgic. There’s not much danger of Disney+ just up and losing ground against the other networks so long as they kick things into gear and start bearing down as much as possible to produce the shows that people are wanting to see. Plus, those shows are going to need to be something special on a scale that will be able to match or at least come close to The Mandalorian since that one show has set the pace for Disney+ in a big way and people are going to start expecting greatness from the Mouse House when it comes to original content.

Most folks that are invested in Disney aren’t too worried since there’s a wide array of ideas that can be developed around the material that’s already present, but the trick is actually getting it out there and making it available for the people. Netflix has been doing that on a constant basis throughout the years as they’ve pushed one original movie and show after another for the viewers. While their prices have risen a bit it’s still been a trusted and reliable network that has been set and established long before Disney+ entered the ring. It’s likely that Disney+ will gain ground rapidly once their expected shows arrive, but until then they’re kind of lagging a bit.

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