Disneyland Tickets Are Now Averaging Over $200 with Avengers Opening

Natalie Hunter of Screenrant is right about one thing, the price hikes that are constantly occurring within Disney’s theme parks are not bound to deter families from finding some way to save up, even if it takes years to do so, in order to visit one of the parks. Some families will save up for an insanely long amount of time, cut corners and go without several things in order to simply set foot in the park for a day or two, though it’s likely that those who can only afford a one or two-day pass aren’t going to be able to see everything without suffering massive fatigue before hitting the halfway mark. Much as has been done in previous years Disney will be setting this price hike as the opening of the new Avengers attraction is coming to the park. One can only guess what kind of rationale the Mouse House is going to use in order to justify the rate hikes, such as new attractions, the cost of doing business, etc., etc., and anything else they can think of that might make people nod their heads in limited understanding. In truth the Disney corporation has plenty of profit to avoid such a price hike, but the truth is that profit is the name of the game and cash is king as the saying goes, and Disney isn’t going to miss out on one cent when it comes to getting what they want.

To be fair their attractions have changed and improved throughout the years, and while much of this takes an exorbitant amount of money to make happen, the losses that they might incur appear to be far outweighed by the possible profits that come in with each new movie, the tons of merchandise that’s sold year-round, and the various projects that they’ve taken on throughout their successful run. In other words they’ve got the money, they just want more of it. The fact that going to Disneyland has become a rite of passage among many people is kind of depressing in way since part of the American dream is apparently bound up in the need to spend massive amounts of money that could go towards giving people a better life and possibly keeping them a little more secure when it comes to their financial situation. But the ability to say that one has gone to Disneyland and seen what they had to offer is of course the pinnacle of many kids’ lives since the wonder and enjoyment is something that many kids have never forgotten as they grow older. Being one of those that was fortunate enough to have been to Disneyland a few times, back when the prices were far more manageable than they are now, it’s easy to say that I’ve seen what I wanted and am content to believe the tales of the many that things have continued to change and have become even bigger and more extravagant.

That’s great for those that can afford to drop a couple grand on tickets, or more given the size of their families. It becomes even more expensive if a family decides to eat, snack, and purchase various merchandise within the stores since almost everything that’s found within the numerous shops that are on site is bound to cost one to two hundred percent more than it cost to make. Many would say it’s the experience that matters, and of course that’s fairly accurate since saying you’ve been to Disneyland is a big conversation-starter and anyone that says they’ve never been is looked at much in the same way a Game of Thrones fan will look at someone that says they’ve never watched a single episode of the show. Does anyone else find that kind of saddening no matter how true it is? Something about our society has gone kind of screwy, not in the most horrible way but definitely in a troubling manner when it comes down to our priorities. Rick Munarriz of The Motley Fool has more to add to this. There was a time that Disneyland was more of a treat, something that could be saved up for in order to go and have a good time that would bring about a pleasant memory later in life. Now there are some folks that have been to the park multiple times if only because they want to keep seeing each new attraction that comes in and can somehow afford it. Hey, more power to those folks, but even with as many changes as Disneyland has undergone, the new attractions still don’t appear to warrant the insane price hikes.

In what amounts to a very personal opinion, going to a theme park shouldn’t force a person to go broke while trying to break the bank. Disney has survived for a long time in one way or another when it comes to profits, and at this point the price hikes look like greed more than necessity, as the happiest place on earth is swiftly becoming one of the most expensive and inaccessible. Scott Stump of Today might agree.

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