Do You Believe This New Doctor Who Theory about Brendan?

Doctor Who Season 12

Anytime a theory is brought up on any show or in the midst of a movie it’s going to have to bear a great deal of scrutiny and possible doubt as many people will attempt to hold onto what’s known rather than allow a new theory to change their minds. This new theory about Brendan being a Timeless Child that Thomas Bacon of Screenrant talks about however could have long-reaching implications not just for the current Doctor Who, but for the show itself. Those that don’t watch the show aren’t going to be likely to understand much of what’s going on, but casual and long-time fans are no doubt going to know just what’s being discussed since the theory of the Timeless Children is something that many have heard about and likely filed away for later so as to figure it out on their own. But the theory that’s been devised is something that could be taken to a very dark place rather quickly since it calls into question the morality of the Time Lords, meaning that even the good Doctor might need to do some soul-searching when all is said and done. The idea that the Time Lords are drawing upon the energy of the Timeless Children after all would be a troubling development for the overall story, as it would mean that as good as the Doctor has been in the past and present there’s still a massive issue with where she’s been drawing her power from.

This is a theory of course, and one that many might say draws its conclusions from different parts of the story that have been building throughout the years. Some might not want to believe it since it would grant a certain devious lean to the Time Lords and would possibly even bring into question their morals, or lack thereof. But it does kind of appear that it would inject a bit of life into the series as well that might be needed considering that as of late Doctor Who’s ratings have been dropping pretty hard. Matt McGloin of Cosmic News has more to say on this matter. There might be those that don’t want to admit as much, but the show has been lacking when it comes to a story line for a while, and this could possibly bring the numbers back up again. It would also be more likely to get people who were teetering somewhere between being interested and moving on towards continuing the show so as to find out just what’s going to happen and why. But again, that’s if the theory is correct or has any basis within the show, as theories can sometimes fizzle out the moment they’re challenged.

Doctor Who has been a favorite scifi show since the 60s and while beginning in Britain it gained an impressive following around the world as well as the Doctor continued to help those in need and sought to vanquish foes that were continually thought up to plague him and others. Things have definitely changed in the 50+ years that the Doctor has been on the air, and for some these changes haven’t always been entirely positive, but they’ve been changes all the same. Turning the Doctor into a woman was perhaps one of the biggest changes ever and was fought tooth and nail by some fans, but then embraced by quite a few of the naysayers. To think that the Time Lords of Gallifrey might be doing something that goes against the beliefs of so many when it comes to helping others falls along the lines of those unspeakable acts that a lot of people don’t want to think that their favorite heroes and characters are capable of, though in order to make a character a little more complete the theory would make sense considering that having the good without the bad doesn’t make a complete character. Making the Time Lords a bit suspect in their ways and practices could in fact give them another depth that people hadn’t expected.

No matter what happens the Doctor is bound to go on doing what she does, but if this theory is correct it could affect how she conducts her business from that point on, and it could affect the Time Lords in a big way as well. This is the fun part about theories after all, the continuous ‘what ifs’ and various ideas that come from them and what they could mean for a show. Doctor Who has weathered one theory after throughout the years, and it’s easy to think that it will weather this one as well, though if it’s even partly true then there might be something of an uproar coming from the fans, or not. Like I said, it’s all a matter of what turns out to be true and what’s just another part of the old rumor mill.

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