Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series Covers and Details Released

Saturday marks the end of Doctor Who‘s sixth series. The much-anticipated finale “The Wedding of River Song” will wrap up the stellar season (read write-up of finale spoilers here). After that episode, though, it’ll be almost a full two months until the show comes to DVD and Blu-ray: Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series will hit DVD and Blu-ray on November 21 in the UK and November 22 in the US.

In addition to the separate release dates, the box sets also have separate covers. The American version (pictured right) uses an image of the Doctor used in promotion for the first half of the series, while the British version (pictured below left) features an image of the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River, with some lighting and the TARDIS in the background. I actually prefer the American cover, simply because it’s much more visually striking. It’s also much different from any of the covers of past seasons, which is an interesting choice.

There’s a Limited Edition bonus cover for the series 6 set in the UK which features a Silent’s face. It’s a pretty neat looking image, but… Wait, what were we talking about again?

The 2010 special “A Christmas Carol” will also be included in the set, along with all thirteen episodes of the season. The six disc set will also feature prequels to “The Impossible Astronaut,” “The Curse of the Black Spot,” “A Good Man Goes to War,” “Let’s Kill HItler,” and “The Wedding of River Song.”

Five never-before-seen mini-episodes will be included, chronicling what happened between the episodes (an idea similar to the Meanwhile in the TARDIS episodes from The Complete Fifth Series). The episodes, all with running times under five minutes, are titled, in order, “Bad Night,” “Good Night,” “First Night,” “Last Night,” and “Up All Night.”

Set staples Doctor Who Confidential and Monster Files will also be back, as well as audio commentaries from “The Impossible Astronaut,” “The Doctor’s Wife,” “A Good Man Goes to War,” and “The Wedding f River Song.”

A minifigure of The Doctor will be included with the Limited Edition. Check out a photo of the entire limited edition set below.

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